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Ox Cadence

Ox and Cadence are NPCs that can be rescued from a cell in the Keep of the Lead Lord or the Gungeon Proper. After freeing them, they will move up to The Breach in the Gungeon Acquisitions Department, where they will sell various items and guns for Hegemony Credit that will appear in future runs. A total of 682 Hegemony Credit is required to purchase everything.

According to Cadence, her sister (the Blacksmith) built Ox to protect Cadence; Ox is therefore programmed to care for Cadence.

Arm Quest[ | ]

Ox is missing his left arm when he is first rescued. The Blacksmith in the Forge has a replacement arm, located to the left of her. The arm will only be there after the High Dragun has been killed at least once.

After picking up the arm, a red balloon will randomly drop from an enemy on the floor, which will send the arm up a floor. The arm and the balloon can then be dropped by random enemies in the Hollow, and the arm can again be sent up a floor. This must be repeated until both items are found in the Keep of the Lead Lord, after which they will be sent up to The Breach and Ox will receive the replacement. In return, Cadence rewards the player with Clone.

The balloon will be lost if the enemy carrying it falls down a pit.

Using Shortcuts will not stop the arm or balloon from spawning. The arm will move up a floor regardless of whether the player completes the floor.

It is possible to deliver the arm during Boss Rush if Wall Mimics spawn. It is also possible for enemies carrying the Arm or Balloon to be knocked into pits, thus causing the loss of that item, forcing the player to redo that floor to get the Balloon and arm again.

Items sold in The Breach[ | ]

Icon Name Quote Type Notes Cost
Thompson Sub-Machinegun Thompson Sub-Machinegun Myeah, See! Automatic Fires fast bullets. 1 Hegemony Credit
RPG RPG Leveled Up Semiautomatic Fires explosive grenades. 5 Hegemony Credit
Gamma Ray Gamma Ray Mean Green Beam Fires a green laser that poisons enemies. 2 Hegemony Credit
Hegemony Carbine Hegemony Carbine All The Same Automatic Rapidly fires white bolts of energy. 3 Hegemony Credit
Freeze Ray Freeze Ray Ice To Meet You Beam Fires a blue laser that has a chance to freeze enemies. 7 Hegemony Credit
Mailbox Mailbox Special Delivery Semiautomatic Fires mail at enemies, with the final bullet in the magazine being a package. The package can explode, leave confetti, Burn, or Poison enemies. 5 Hegemony Credit
Origuni Origuni Thousand Cuts Semiautomatic Fires paper planes that curve towards enemies. 6 Hegemony Credit
Grasschopper Grasschopper Noisy Semiautomatic Fires a single powerful blast that has a very strong recoil. 8 Hegemony Credit
Flash Ray Flash Ray Ah Ahhh! Semiautomatic Shoots lasers that pierce enemies. Has a chance to stun enemies. 6 Hegemony Credit
Science Cannon Science Cannon Charged Particles Beam Fires a large laser after a short charge-up. 6 Hegemony Credit
Ice Breaker Ice Breaker Never Let Go Semiautomatic The first two shots fire a shotgun blast of ice bullets, and the final shot fires a single explosive shot. 8 Hegemony Credit
Tangler Tangler Get Wrecktangled Semiautomatic Fires a shotgun blast of rectangular bullets that bounce off walls. Enemies hit will be folded into a rectangle. 10 Hegemony Credit
Magic Lamp Magic Lamp One Wish, Three Times Semiautomatic Hitting an enemy three times causes a genie to punch them. 8 Hegemony Credit
Face Melter Face Melter Squiddley-squiddley-wheeyooo! Automatic Simultaneously fires music notes in four directions. Places an amplifier on the ground at the player's position upon reloading. Whenever the Face Melter is fired, the amplifier will fire music notes in the same pattern. Reloading again will remove the amplifier and place a new one. 10 Hegemony Credit
Heroine Heroine Charge Beam Active Charged Has 3 levels of damage depending on how long the gun has been charged. 13 Hegemony Credit
Mass Shotgun Mass Shotgun My Favorite Gun Automatic Shoots a large slow projectile that will split up in a barrage of small bullets shortly afterwards. 9 Hegemony Credit
Bullet Bore Bullet Bore Mind Muncher Semiautomatic Fires drills that home in on enemies, stun them, and explode after a short delay. 14 Hegemony Credit
Raiden Coil Raiden Coil Shoot Em' Up Beam Fires a laser that homes in on all on-screen enemies. 8 Hegemony Credit
Black Hole Gun Black Hole Gun Won't You Come Charged Fires black holes that attract enemies and enemy bullets. 20 Hegemony Credit
Yari Launcher Yari Launcher Hell. Yes. Automatic Rapidly fires homing rockets. 25 Hegemony Credit
Railgun Railgun Calibrating Charged Fires a fast-moving piercing bullet that bounces many times. 30 Hegemony Credit
Microtransaction Gun Microtransaction Gun Pay To Win Semiautomatic Shoots various projectiles at the cost of 1 coin per shot. 100 Hegemony Credit
Icon Name Type Quote Effect Cost
Rocket-Powered Bullets Rocket-Powered Bullets Passive Faster Bullets Increases the player's bullet speed, fire rate, and damage. 4 Hegemony Credit
Heart Bottle Heart Bottle Passive Liquid Life Grants a heart container. 2 Hegemony Credit
Heart Locket Heart Locket Passive Memento Mori Grants a heart container. 4 Hegemony Credit
Hot Lead Hot Lead Passive Chance To Ignite Adds a chance to fire bullets that ignite enemies. 5 Hegemony Credit
Heart Lunchbox Heart Lunchbox Passive Healthy Meal Grants a heart container. 5 Hegemony Credit
Box Box Active Just A Box If the player enters a room while under the box, enemies will not target the player. Firing a weapon will remove the box. Has no effect if used while enemies are already targeting the player. Can be used to steal items from shops. 8 Hegemony Credit
Fat Bullets Fat Bullets Passive Fatter = Stronger Significantly increases bullet size and damage but slightly decreases maximum ammo. 6 Hegemony Credit
+1 Bullets +1 Bullets Passive +1 To Bullet Increases damage. 6 Hegemony Credit
Angry Bullets Angry Bullets Passive Hungry For More Hitting an enemy refires the projectile at a nearby enemy. 8 Hegemony Credit
Heart Purse Heart Purse Passive Form Begets Function Grants a heart container. 4 Hegemony Credit
Eyepatch Eyepatch Passive Hit Harder Less Often Increases damage but decreases accuracy. 8 Hegemony Credit
Bloody Eye Bloody Eye Passive Slower Enemy Bullets Decreases enemy bullet speed. 7 Hegemony Credit
Spice Spice Active A tantalizing cube of power. Single use. Increases certain stats upon use, depending on how many times it has been used. Each time a spice cube is used, more spice cubes will spawn in place of items or pickups. 7 Hegemony Credit
Sunglasses Sunglasses Passive Bright Future Slows down time and increases dodge power during explosions. Increases coolness by 2. 10 Hegemony Credit
Singularity Singularity Active Sucks Spawns a black hole that attracts enemies and bullets. 12 Hegemony Credit
Nanomachines Nanomachines Passive Son Grants two pieces of armor upon pickup. Grants a piece of armor every 4 times damage is taken. 10 Hegemony Credit
Portable Turret Portable Turret Active Some Assembly Required Places a stationary turret that shoots at enemies. The turret will be destroyed if it takes enough damage. 12 Hegemony Credit
Duct Tape Duct Tape Active Friend Of Gunsmiths Single use. Combines 2 guns by granting one gun the projectiles that the other gun fires. 10 Hegemony Credit
Space Friend Space Friend Passive A Friend From The Space Follows the player, firing lasers at enemies and blocking enemy bullets. 25 Hegemony Credit
Broccoli Broccoli Passive Makes You Strong Increases damage. 25 Hegemony Credit
Platinum Bullets Platinum Bullets Passive Over One Million Served Increases damage and fire rate with every bullet landed. 200 Hegemony Credit

Shop Restocking[ | ]

Whenever a row of articles in the shop is bought out, it will be replaced by a selection of new ones when players visit the shop again after another (attempted) run through the Gungeon. Alternatively, the player can walk out of the Breach by going south. This brings the player to the Title Screen and restocks the shop upon reentering the game.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Ox's arm delivery quest might be a reference to Venom Snake's bionic arm in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and the balloon is likely a reference to the Fulton surface-to-air recovery system.
  • Upon entering their shop, there is a small chance Ox's face will be covered by a paper sheet with a smiley face on it.
  • In an early version of the game, Ox was instead referred to only by the name 'Robot', and was not rescued alongside Cadence, instead simply being in the Gungeon Acquisitions Department upon her arrival.
  • The Acquisitions Department may possibly be a reference to Acquisitions Incorporated, a series of podcasted D&D adventures.
  • While Ox's named is spelled Ox, like the animal, it is close to "0x" which is commonly used to denote a set of numbers being in hexadecimal format (for instance, 0x11 means 18 in decimal). This does not seem to relate to anything beyond Ox being a robot, and may be a coincidence.

Gallery[ | ]

Exit the Gungeon[ | ]

(Will be tabbered when finished)

Ox and Cadence reappear in the Enter the Gungeon spinoff Exit the Gungeon, where they fulfil a similar role as merchants of unlockable items. After being freed from the Rat's cage, they will move to the Underbreach where they will set up shop, accepting Hegemony Credit in return for unlocking items and guns that may appear on future attempts to exit the Gungeon.

Items Sold in the Underbreach[ | ]

Guns[ | ]

Icon Name Quote Type Notes Cost
H4mmer Many Bullets Automatic 3 Hegemony Credit
Bee Hive Bzzzzzzzz! Automatic Fires homing bees 10 Hegemony Credit
RPG Leveled Up Semiautomatic Fires explosive rockets 10 Hegemony Credit
Cold 45 Shatterday Night Special Semiautomatic Fires freezing bullets 8 Hegemony Credit
Laser Lotus Level 5 Semiautomatic 8 Hegemony Credit
Com4nd0 You're Fired Semiautomatic Fires homing, explosive rockets 10 Hegemony Credit
Freeze Ray Ice To Meet You Beam Fires a freezing beam 10 Hegemony Credit
Stinger Drone Warfare Semiautomatic Fires explosive rockets that release homing bees 10 Hegemony Credit
Void Marshal Acquired Under The Table Semiautomatic 10 Hegemony Credit
Rube-Adyne Mk.II Polished Product Semiautomatic Rapidly fires bouncing energy blasts 10 Hegemony Credit
Balloon Gun Hot Air Semiautomatic Fires lingering tornadoes. Grants flight while held 15 Hegemony Credit

Items[ | ]

Icon Name Quote Effect Cost
Heart Lunchbox Healthy Meal Grants a heart container. 5 Hegemony Credit
Bouncy Bullets Boiyoiyoing! Grants the player's bullets the ability to bounce off of walls or obstacles twice. 10 Hegemony Credit
Magic Sweet Free Stats 15 Hegemony Credit
Homing Bullets Fire And Forget Player bullets will occasionally home in on enemies. 15 Hegemony Credit
Frost Ammolet Chance To Freeze Blanks have a chance to freeze enemies. 15 Hegemony Credit
Bloody Eye Slower Enemy Bullets Enemy bullets move slower 15 Hegemony Credit
Gold Ammolet Blank Damage Up Greatly increases the damage dealt to enemies by blanks 10 Hegemony Credit
Heart Purse Form Begets Function Grants a heart container 15 Hegemony Credit
Scattershot Quantity Over Quality Decreases damage, but multiplies the amount of bullets fired by three 15 Hegemony Credit
Hot Lead Chance To Ignite Player bullets have a chance to light enemies on fire 15 Hegemony Credit