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Type: Active
Quality: B Quality Item
Sell Creep Price: 30 Money
Recharge: Single-Use
Ammonomicon Entry
You're Not Alexander
With this orange, your style... it's impetuous. Your defense, impregnable.

Orange is a single-use active item.

Effects[ | ]

  • Fully heals the player upon use.
  • Grants a heart container upon use.
  • Increases Coolness by 2 while held.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy AK-47 (Island Forme) - If the player has AK-47, reloading the gun with a full magazine toggles Island Forme. Island Forme AK-47 fires oranges, which deal more damage than regular AK-47 shots. The synergy will be lost once the Orange is used. If the Orange is eaten while the AK-47 is in Island Forme, it will remain in Island Forme; however reloading with a full magazine will return it to its original form, and cannot be reversed.
  • Synergy Cactus Flower - If the player has Cactus, it has a chance to shoot out a prickly pear that bounces off walls and shoots needles in all directions. The synergy will be lost once the Orange is used.
  • Synergy Enter the Fruitgeon / Oranger Guon Stone - If the player also has the Orange Guon Stone, it grows in size, rotates at a fixed distance from the player while they are moving instead of on a slight delay, fires twice as fast, and fires oranges at enemies that deal 7 damage. The synergy will be lost once the Orange is used.
  • Synergy Pulp Gungeon - If the player also has the M1911, a copy of the M1911 orbits the player and fires whenever the player fires. The synergy will be lost once the Orange is used.
  • Prior to the Supply Drop Update, Orange was a C Quality Item item.
  • Heals both players in co-op.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The item's appearance, function, description and pickup quote reference the PS2 video game God Hand, which itself references famous quotes by Mike Tyson.
    • When dropped on the ground, the item's pixel sprite is replaced with a rotating 3D model of a large orange, resembling the Orange in God Hand.
  • The synergy Synergy AK-47 (Island Forme) is a reference to the games Pokémon Sun and Moon, in which Pokémon had different sub-species or "Formes" adapted to the island setting.
  • The synergy Synergy Pulp Gungeon is a reference to the movie Pulp Fiction, in which one of the main characters, Vincent Vega, uses an M1911 pistol.
  • When the player eats the orange, a voice can be heard saying "I love It!"

Gallery[ | ]

Orange 3D Model

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