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Blank Shopkeeper

Old Red is an NPC in Enter the Gungeon, and it's spinoff Exit the Gungeon. In both games, he appears as a merchant, setting up shop within the Gungeon and offering passing Gungeoneers a variety of goods in exchange for Money. His wares are Blank themed (ammolets, Elder Blank, etc), given that Old Red himself largely resembles a blank.

Old Red is blind (or at the very least heavily visually impaired), and though his allegiance lies with the Gundead, he is unable to see clearly enough to tell who he is selling to- leading to him merely empowering the Gungeoneers he desires to stop. As such, many of his lines of dialogue are sagely advice for younger Bullet Kin, rather than anything pertinent to a Gungeoneer.

Enter the Gungeon[ | ]

In Enter the Gungeon, Old Red will appear in the Gungeon at random after being saved from a locked cell in the Gungeon Proper, Black Powder Mine, or Hollow using a Cell Key obtained on the same floor.

Old Red also appears in the Bullet's Past as a dialogue NPC, giving The Bullet a wooden, unpowered Blasphemy and explaining his inability to wield the weapon. Despite heavily resembling Old Red, this depiction of the character is coloured Grey, and was unconfirmed to be Old Red until Exit the Gungeon, in which Old Red has a line of dialogue relating to an 'old head wound', alluding to the place in the head that he has been stabbed by Blasphemy.

Items Sold[ | ]


Icon Name Quote Type Notes
Huntsman Huntsman Axes Of Evil Semiautomatic Fires a shotgun blast of bullets. Reloading swings the gun, destroying nearby bullets. Increases curse while held.


Icon Name Type Quote Effect
Chaos Ammolet Chaos Ammolet Passive What Can Will Blanks have a chance to poison, freeze, and ignite enemies.
Copper Ammolet Copper Ammolet Passive Blanks Ignite Blanks have a chance to ignite enemies.
Elder Blank Elder Blank Active Excommunicate Bullets Activates a blank. Increases curse.
Frost Ammolet Frost Ammolet Passive Chance To Freeze Blanks have a chance to freeze enemies.
Full Metal Jacket Full Metal Jacket Passive Automated Defenses Automatically uses one of the player's blanks if they are about to take damage, preventing it.
Gold Ammolet Gold Ammolet Passive Blank Damage Up Increases blank damage.
Holey Grail Holey Grail Passive Withered Vessel Upon taking damage, triggers a full screen Blank effect and refills 50% of the ammo of all the player's guns. Increases curse.
Lodestone Ammolet Lodestone Ammolet Passive Blank Knockback Up Increases the knockback of blanks.
Owl Owl Passive Hoots And More Follows the player, firing bullets at enemies and occasionally using short-ranged blanks.
Relodestone Relodestone Active Magunetic North While active, attracts nearby bullets and converts them to ammo.
Table Tech Blanks Table Tech Blanks Passive Flip Clarity Flipping a table activates a free blank.
Uranium Ammolet Uranium Ammolet Passive Blanks Poison Blanks have a chance to poison enemies.

Old Red will also occasionally stock Armor or Blanks.

Dialogue[ | ]


Exit the Gungeon[ | ]

Old Red's appearance in Exit the Gungeon is almost identical to his role in Enter. After being freed from a cell via the purchase of a Rat Key from the Resourceful Rat, he will appear to the player in NPC Rooms to sell a variety of blank-themed wares. He does not appear in the Underbreach.

Trivia[ | ]

  • It can be inferred that Old Red is a living Blank, as he sells items mostly related to blanks, he appears on Blank Shrine, and the Synergy Blank Generation synergy turns the blank companion into a small version of Old Red.
  • It is possible that Old Red's blue appearance is due to him being a ghost. As seen with Ser Manuel, Blockner, and Gungeoneers in Co-op mode, ghosts in the Gungeon universe are often portrayed as Blue. Additionally, the fact that Old Red seems to 'die' during the events of the Bullet's Past would support this- though ultimately it remains unconfirmed.

Old red

Old Red's non-spectral form, as seen in The Bullet's past.