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Mutread Head
Mutread Head
Location: Black Powder Mine
Diginomicon Entry

Diginomicon Mutread Head

Bare Arms
Years ago, the Tinker attempted to create a Chamber Master himself, but the project never quite got off the ground... until he added pulleys.

Later stripped for elevator parts, the Mutread Head lay dormant until an errant Tazie sparked it to life.

The Mutread Head is a boss in Exit the Gungeon. It is a giant robotic bullet with heavily muscled arms, attached at the waist to an elevator.

Behaviors[ | ]

The Mutread Head's attacks for phase one include:

  • A circle of bullets fired from its center crystals with arrow shaped bullets fired faster in certain directions
  • Spawning a semicircle of nine arrow shaped bullets along each arm before firing one from each arm at the player over about a second
  • Mutread Head bangs its chest multiple times, spewing bullets with each hit that go out and stop around the platforms, disappearing after a few seconds.
  • A circle of gently snaking bullets from its center crystal

During the first phase of the fight, The Mutread Head will occasionally spawn explosives on different sections of the platform before attacking. The damage patterns for the explosions are:

  • The top two platforms
  • The bottom two platforms
  • The bottom and top platforms
  • The bottom, left middle and left top platforms
  • The bottom, right middle, and right top platforms.

During the second phase of the fight, the Mutread Head alternates the following attacks:

  • Three batches of seven arrow shaped bullets fired from its exposed mechanical eye towards the player
  • A ring of bullets that expands outward from its mouth, followed by a ring of bullets that is shot towards the player while expanding, followed by another ring of bullets expanding from its mouth.

While the attacks are occurring in the second phase, its newly exposed circuitry fires arrow shaped bullets upwards that fall downwards

Trivia[ | ]

  • In an early version of the game, the Mutread Head was called the 'Mechabullet'.
  • The description of the Mutread Head is the only place Tazies are mentioned in Exit the Gungeon.
  • The Face on the Mutread Head's lower screen matches the expression on its body.
  • The name and appearance of the boss is a reference to the arcade and NES game Smash TV and one of its bosses, Mutoid Man

Laser Turret[ | ]

Laser Turret
XtG Laser Turret

Throughout the first phase of its bossfight, the Mutread Head will periodically spawn stationary laser turrets. After a small delay, these turrets will begin to fire a continuous stream of laser bolts above and below itself to complicate the Mutread Head's attacks.

Please be aware that the name 'Laser Turret' is not official, and is merely used for convenience.

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