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Cel's Items is a mod created by UnstableStrafe, aka Cel, that adds various items, guns, and other things

Download here: https://modworkshop.net/mod/25467.

Source code: https://github.com/UnstableStrafe/CelsItems.

Credits to TankTheta for making the sprites for Spirit Of The Dragun, Spinel Tonic, and the Drone Controller drones.

List of Passive Items[]

Icon Name Quote Quality Effect
Accursed shackle.png Accursed Shackles Hold Me Close D Quality Item.png Gives one curse. Cannot be dropped.

Until 100 enemies have been killed, taking damage while having an empty heart container will remove that heart.

After killing 100 enemies, all lost hearts are returned and the player is given a 30% rate of fire increase.

Auric Vial.png Auric Vial Good For Baiting Ghosts C Quality Item.png Clearing a room gives one extra casing.
Banana Jam Hands.png Banana Jam Hands Icky D Quality Item.png Reloading an empty clip throws a gun projectile.
Ballistic rounds.png Ballistic Rounds Osmium Core 1S Quality Item.png Shots break the boss dps cap.
Bismuth ammolet.png Bismuth Ammolet Silvery Rainbow B Quality Item.png Using a blank envenom enemies. Gives one extra blank per floor.
Citrine ammolet.png Citrine Ammolet Hot Like Magma B Quality Item.png Using a blank creates a pool of flaming oil. Grants fire immunity. Gives one extra blank per floor.
Crystal heart.png Crystal Heart But I'm Weak D Quality Item.png Gives one heart container. Taking damage kills all enemies in the room (bosses take only 150 damage instead)

After taking 3 hits, the item breaks.

Dagger.png Dagger Fatality! A Quality Item.png Gives one curse. Killing an enemy shoots out 4 homing daggers that scale with the player's damage.
DDR.png DDR Dance Dance Revolution D Quality Item.png Moving in any of the cardinal directions gives a stat increase while moving in that direction:

Up: Rate of Fire

Down: Reload Speed

Left: Damage

Right: Shot Speed

Dragun claw.png Dragun Claw Sharper Than Steel C Quality Item.png Reloading a gun creates a pool of flaming oil. Grants fire immunity. Gives 15% reload speed increase.

Increases the chance of finding the other 3 Dragun items.

Dragun heart.png Dragun Heart Burns Any Who Touch C Quality Item.png Gives one heart container. Taking damage creates a large pool of flaming oil. Grants fire immunity

Increases the chance of finding the other 3 Dragun items.

Dragun skull.png Dragun Skull More Bite Than Bark A Quality Item.png Replaces all projectiles shot by the player with piercing fireballs that deal 20% more damage and ignore fire immunities.

Does not work with infinte ammo guns, Hyper Light Blaster, Prize Pistol, or beam weapons.

Increases the chance of finding the other 3 Dragun items.

Dragun wing.png Dragun Wing Where Eagles Dare B Quality Item.png Gives 15% movement speed increase. Killing enemies creates a ring of fire around the player.

Increases the chance of finding the other 3 Dragun items.

Elite bullets.png Elite Bullets Made Of The Finest Lead A Quality Item.png Shots tightly home onto the closest enemy. Increases damage by 10%
Empty bullets2.png [_____] Bullets Missing Description C Quality Item.png Damage is increased by 5% for each held blank.
Floop bullets.png Floop Bullets Don't Eat It A Quality Item.png Shots have a high chance to ricochet to other enemies, gaining speed but losing damage each time. Reduces shot speed by 25%.
Funky bullets.png Funky Bullets Who Shot Jonny? C Quality Item.png Reduces shots speed by 15%. Increases accuracy by 10%. Lowers damage by 10%. Decreases reload speed by 30%. Increases rate of fire by 20%.

Shots bounce one extra time.

Glyph.png Glyph Of Wind Too Fast For Eyes A Quality Item.png Entering a new room briefly slows down time.
Gravity well.png Gravity Well Module Where Is My Super Suit? C Quality Item.png Increases damage by 10%. Reduces knockback by 50%
Gunlust.png Gunlust Bloody Work D Quality Item.png Killing enemies increases damage up to 15%. Taking damage lowers the boost by 5%. The boost is reset on going to a new floor.
Imps horn.png Imp's Horn Don't Die Above Lava B Quality Item.png Shots have a 8% chance of inflicting green fire.
Leaking syringe.png Leaking Syringe Power Not-So-Eternal B Quality Item.png Gives a 300% damage increase. Killing enemies reduces the amount until it is lost.
Little drone.png Little Drone Buddy D-1 C Quality Item.png Shoots at nearby enemies while reloading. Increases reload speed by 15%.
Malachite ammolet.png Malachite Ammolet Toxic B Quality Item.png Using a blank creates a pool of poison goop. Grants poison immunity. Gives one extra blank per floor.
Mercury ammolet.png Mercury Ammolet The Liquid Metal B Quality Item.png Using a blank creates a large pool of venom goop. Gives one extra blank per floor.
Mininomicon.png Mininomocon Full Of Secrets A Quality Item.png Adds a 15% chance to shoot an additional projectile from any non-beam gun in the game.
Needle bullets.png Needle Bullets You'll Shoot Your Eye Out! A Quality Item.png Gives one curse. Increases shot speed by 250%. Increases damage by 10%. Shots pierce 100 enemies.
Pet rock.png Pet Rock He Believes In You D Quality Item.png Gives 3 coolness. Pet rock will occasionally give motivation after clearing a room.
Primal charcoal.png Primal Charcoal Not Quite Asbestos B Quality Item.png Reloading an empty clip covers nearby enemies in charcoal dust. Enemies covered in charcoal dust take extra damage.

Increases the chance of finding the other 3 Primal items.

Primal nitric acid.png Primal Nitric Acid Don't Ask How It's Made A Quality Item.png Shots can douse enemies in nitric acid. Nitric acid deals damage over time and causes afflicted enemies to leave a pool of nitric acid on death.

Increases the chance of finding the other 3 Primal items.

Primal saltpeter.png Primal Saltpeter Niter Is Cooler! D Quality Item.png Removes all elemental immunites from enemies.

Increases the chance of finding the other 3 Primal items.

Primal sulfur.png Primal Sulfur Smells Nice C Quality Item.png Upon entering a room, 3 random enemies are marked. Marked enemies explode on death. The explosions do not harm the player.

Increases the chance of finding the other 3 Primal items.

Sawblade.png Sawblade Covered In Blood... B Quality Item.png Gives one curse. Adds a chance to fire an additional sawblade projectile.
Snare bullets.png Snare Bullets Catch And Keep B Quality Item.png Adds a chance to slow enemies.
Steam sale.png Steam Sale Breaking The 4th Wall! B Quality Item.png Reduces shop prices by 50%, but breaks after 6 purchases.
Terrible ammo bag.png Terrible Ammo Bag A Miracle It Still Works D Quality Item.png Killing enemies has a chance to remove ammo from the current gun, but ammo drops are increased.
Trigger drone.png Trigger Pulse Drone D-7 B Quality Item.png Occasionally shoots at nearby enemies. Gives 2 coolness.
True gunpowder.png True Gunpowder A Weapon That Cuts On Its Own N/A Cannot be found in a chest normally. Is given to the player when they obtain Primal Charcoal, Primal Nitric Acid, Primal Saltpeter, and Primal Sulfur.

Every 120 damage dealt, a random enemy in the room is killed. Bosses take 80 damage instead of being killed.

Venom rounds.png Venom Rounds The Good Stuff A Quality Item.png Shots have a chance to envenom enemies.
Venom spit drone.png Venom Spit Drone D-10 A Quality Item.png Shoots projectiles that envenom enemies.

List of Active Items[]

Icon Name Quote Quality Cooldown Effect
Acme crate.png ACME Supply Crate Not For Coyotes B Quality Item.png 600 damage Gives a random gun to the player for 12 seconds. Gunlocks the player while active.
Corrupt heart.png Corrupt Heart Beat of Death C Quality Item.png 10 seconds Deals 20 damage to all enemies in the room.
Water cup.png Cup Of Water Cracking Open A Cold Water A Quality Item.png None Gives 3 coolness passively while held.

Refills the player's current gun's clip.

Restores all charges upon buying from a shop if there are no charges left. Has 10 charges.

D6.png D6 Isaac And His Mother A Quality Item.png 1000 damage Rerolls the current gun. Gunlocks the player while rerolling.
Holoprinter.png Holoprinter Property Of Hyperion B Quality Item.png 600 damage On first use, destroys the currently held gun, storing it.

On subsequent uses, the player is given the stored gun for 14 seconds. Gunlocks the player while active.

Iron heart.png Iron Heart Proof You Have a Heart B Quality Item.png None Removes all of the player's heart containers, minus 1. Gives double that amount in armor, plus 2 extra.
Matchsticks.png Matchsticks Smokey Frowns Upon You C Quality Item.png 250 damage Shoots a flare on use. Has 10 uses before it needs to recharge.
Quest log.png Questlog Filled To The Brim D Quality Item.png None Gives the player a random minor quest. Cannot be used again until the quest has been completed.

Rewards the player with each quest completed.

Shocking battery.png Shocking Battery Unlimited Power! 1S Quality Item.png 700 damage Increases movement speed by 50%, decreases reload speed by 50%, dodge roll speed by 50%, rate of fire by 20%, and projectile speed by 30% for 8 seconds.
Spinel tonic.png Spinel Tonic Just A Sip A Quality Item.png 200 damage Passively decreases damage, rate of fire, movement speed, and increases reload speed by 10%.

On use, gives a small boost to all those stats for 12 seconds. Each use increases the power of the boost.

Strang strongbox.png Suspicious Strongbox All That Giltters Is Rainbow 1S Quality Item.png 7500 damage Starts uncharged.

Spawns a rainbow chest on use.

The Bullet (Cel's Items Mod).png The Bullet A Quiet Requiem 1S Quality Item.png None Passively increases damage by 20% while held.

Removes 3 heart containers and permanently increases damage by 200%, rate of fire by 50%, and movement speed by 20%.

Empty bottle.png Void Bottle It Whispers of Ancient Things C Quality Item.png None Remove one curse at the cost of one health. Cannot be used when the player has no curse or only one health left.

List of Guns[]

Icon Name Quote Quality Type Magazine Size Ammo Capacity Damage Fire Rate Reload Speed Range Spread Effect
Ak 94 idle 001.png AK-94 Accept No SuuS oN tpeccA B Quality Item.png Automatic 60 1000 11 (5.5 x 2) 0.11 1 Infinity.png 4 Fires an additional projecile from behind.

Killing 30 enemies with this gun transforms this into the AK-141.

Ak 141 idle 001.png AK-141 What The Hell? N/A Automatic 90 1500 16.5 (5.5 x 3) 0.11 1.5 Infinity.png 4 Fires additional projectiles to the side and behind the player.

Killing 45 enemies with this gun transforms this into the AK-188.

Ak 188 idle 001.png AK-188 No God Can Help You N/A Automatic 120 2000 22 (5.5 x 4) 0.11 2 Infinity.png 4 Fires additional two projectiles to the side and one behind the player.

Killing 55 enemies with this gun transforms this into the Infinite AK.

A literal rock idle 001.png A Rock Ooga Booga D Quality Item.png N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Can only be thrown.
Bashellisk rifle idle 001.png Bashellisk Rifle Deadly Deadly Gun 1S Quality Item.png Automatic 25 500 3.5 0.11 0.6 Infinity.png 4 Shots can envenom enemies.
Billiard bouncer idle 001.png Billiard Bouncer Solids Or Stripes? A Quality Item.png Semiautomatic 8 150 15 (5 x 3) 0.6 1.5 350 10 Shots bounce off other player projectiles, enemies, and walls.
D.e.a.t.h. idle 001.png D.E.A.T.H. This Army N/A Burst 25 Infinity.png 6 0.11 1.2 Infinity.png 0 Summons 3 attack drones while held.
Dispenser idle 001.png Dispenser Click B Quality Item.png Semiautomatic 9 180 18 0.25 1.2 Infinity.png 0 N/A
Drone controller idle 001.png Drone Controller Autobots A Quality Item.png Automatic 500 500 11 (5.5 x 2) 0.11 N/A Infinity.png 0 Does not fire on its own. Summons 2 attack drones while held.
Electric bass idle 001.png Electric Bass Atom And Evil C Quality Item.png Automatic 500 500 N/A 0.3 N/A N/A N/A Creates a ring around the player that damage enemies while firing.
Evil charmed bow idle 001.png Evil Charmed Bow N/A N/A Semiautomatic 1 180 24 N/A 1.2 Infinity.png 0 Cannot be gotten from chests. Only obtained through the All Out Of Love synergy. Has a chance to envenom enemies.
Fallout idle 001.png Fallout Keep Out Of Reach Of Children A Quality Item.png Semiautomatic 1 150 80 N/A 1.4 Infinity.png 0 N/A
Firework rifle idle 001.png Firework Rifle Bang, Bang, Bang! Here We Go! 1S Quality Item.png Automatic 12 150 5.5 (15 explosion) 0.2 0.8 Infinity.png 4 Shoots explosive fireworks.
Günther idle 001.png Günther He Tries His Best C Quality Item.png Semiautomatic 5 200 7.5 0.08 1 35 4 N/A
Incremental idle 001.png Incremental Start Again B Quality Item.png Automatic 30 360 Varies 0.1 1 Infinity.png 6 Shot damage increases the further into the clip the player is, starting at 3, with 5% compounded interest per shot missing in the clip.
Infinite ak idle 001.png Infinite AK Witness Perfection N/A Automatic Infinity.png Infinity.png 5.5 0.11 N/A Infinity.png Fires 4 streams of bullets that rotate around the player. The rotation of each stream varies between 5 and 15 degrees per shot fired.
Ion fist idle 001.png Ion Fist Casually Approach Child A Quality Item.png Charge 5 180 6/12.5/30 (Depends on charge level) 0.5 1.2 4/7.5/14 0 Dashes the player forward with distance and damage dependant on charge level. Maximum charge also reflects bullets dashed through.
Phazor idle 001.png Phazor Shiny 1S Quality Item.png Automatic 300 300 7 Varies N/A Infinity.png 4 Rate of fire inceases as button is held down.
Prime saw idle 001.png

Prime vice idle 001.png

Prime laser idle 001.png

Prime cannon idle 001.png

Prime Arms The Second Model 1S Quality Item.png Automatic Prime Saw: 1500

Prime Vice: 310

Prime Saw: 1500

Prime Vice: 310

Prime Saw: 10

Prime Vice: 15

Prime Laser: 3

Prime Cannon: 25

Prime Saw: 0.05

Prime Vice: 0.4

Prime Laser: 0.11

Prime Cannon: 0.6

N/A Prime Saw: 1.75

Prime Vice: 4.9

Prime Laser: Infinity.png

Prime Cannon: Infinity.png

0 Only the Prime Saw can be found in a chest. The other arms are given to the player upon pickup.
Reloaded rifle idle 001.png Reloaded Rifle Of The Highest Quality A Quality Item.png Automatic 25 500 5.5 0.11 1.5 Infinity.png 4 Has 3 active reloads: The first increases accuracy, the second damage, and the third, rate of fire. The first reload also shoots a stunning projectile when an empty clip is reloaded.
R.g.g. idle 001.png R.G.G. ShortDescription.txt D Quality Item.png Automatic 6-100 100-700 5.5-15 0.08-0.55 0.5-1.3 Infinity.png 4 Stats randomize each run.
Russian revolver idle 001.png Russian Revolver You See Ivan... D Quality Item.png Semiautomatic 6 480 15 0.15 1.2 35 4 Only one shot in the clip deals damage. The rest do nothing.
Skeleton idle 001.png Skeleton Rattled C Quality Item.png Automatic 512 512 5.5 0.11 N/A Infinity.png 5 N/A
Spirit of the dragun idle 001.png Spirit of The Dragun Ego Sum Aeternae N/A Burst Infinity.png 45 22.5 0.3 2 Infinity.png 4 Cannot be found in chests. Given to the player upon having Dragun Claw, Dragun Skull, Dragun Wing, and Dragun Heart.
Stake launcher idle 001.png Stake Launcher Pumpking's Bane D Quality Item.png Semiautomatic 5 150 4 (60) 0.5 0.7 Infinity.png 4 Deals x15 to jammed enemies.
Tesla idle 001.png Tesla Static Fields 1S Quality Item.png Burst 500 500 10 0.8 N/A Infinity.png 5 Electrifies water and gives electricity immunity.


Name Required Item(s) With One Of The Following Effect
Iron Man Iron heart.png
Iron Heart
Iron Heart gives 3 extra armor on use.
Eldritch Love Empty bottle.png
Void Bottle
Holey Grail.png
Holey Grail
Using Void Bottle also gives 1 coolness.
Rule Book Mininomicon.png
Chance Bullets.png
Chance Bullets
Doubles the chance Mininomocon will trigger.
Sturdy Ammo Bag Terrible ammo bag.png
Terrible Ammo Bag
Ammo Synthesizer.png
Ammo Synthesizer
Removes chance for ammo to be lost.
Extravagance Auric Vial.png
Auric Vial
Gilded Bullets.png
Gilded Bullets
Gives two extra casings per room.
Dragun Roar Dragun skull.png
Dragun Skull
Dragunskull now creates green fireballs instead.
Lead Weight Gravity well.png
Gravity Well Module
Heavy Bullets.png
Heavy Bullets
Increases damage to bosses by 20%.
Critical Mass Gravity well.png
Gravity Well Module
Black Hole Gun.png
Black Hole Gun
Hitting an enemy has a chance to spawn a black hole at the location of the hit enemy.
Two For One Water cup.png
Cup of Water
Frost Bullets.png
Frost Bullets
Ice Cube.png
Ice Cube
Purchasing an item also gives half a heart.
Overclocked Incremental idle 001.png
Drum Clip.png
Drum Clip
Ammo Belt.png
Ammo Belt
Doubles the damage of Incremental.
Soviet Skills Russian revolver idle 001.png
Russian Revolver
Thompson Sub-Machinegun.png
Thompson Sub-Machinegun
The guns are dual wielded.
Communist Ideals Russian revolver idle 001.png
Russian Revolver
Ammo Belt.png
Ammo Belt
Ammo Synthesizer.png
Ammo Synthesizer
Utility Belt.png
Utility Belt
Reloading an empty clip of the Russian Revolver has a 25% chance to restore one clip's worth of ammo to the gun.
Lucky Spin Russian revolver idle 001.png
Russian Revolver
Seven-Leaf Clover.png
Seven-Leaf Clover
All shots from the Russian Revolver deal damage.
etgmod:test_gun Mininomicon.png


Every shot from Klobbe is randomized.
D.E.A.T.H. Trigger drone.png Little drone.png Venom spit drone.png

Trigger Pulse Drone, Little Drone Buddy and Venom Spit Drone

Gives the player the D.E.A.T.H. gun.
True Gunpowder Primal charcoal.png Primal sulfur.png Primal saltpeter.png Primal nitric acid.png

Primal Charcoal, Primal Sulfur, Primal Saltpeter, Primal Nitric Acid

Gives the player the True Gunpowder item.
Golden Cylinder Incremental idle 001.png
Bullet Time.png
Bullet Time
Blue Guon Stone.png
Blue Guon Stone
Icremental's damage scaling now follows the Fibonacci sequence. Reduces clip size by 66%.
Love Leech Corrupt heart.png

Corrupt Heart

Shotgun Full of Love.png
Shotgun Full of Love
Enemies damaged by Corrupt Heart have a chance to heal the player on death.
All Out Of Love Corrupt heart.png

Corrupt Heart

Charmed Bow.png
Charmed Bow
Charmed Bow becomes a crossbow with increased damage and a chance to envenom enemies.
Jajanken Ion fist idle 001.png

Ion Fist

Katana Bullets.png
Katana Bullets
Melted Rock.png
Melted Rock
Ion Fist's level one charge becomes a fire ball. Level two charge becomes a mid-range energy spear. Max charge increased dash damage greatly.