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For the shooting gallery in Enter the Gungeon, see Winchester (NPC).

Minigames are small optional arcade-style detours that Gungeoneers may choose to play during their rush to Exit the Gungeon. Doing well in these minigames will win them prizes in the form of Chests.

Quest items also appear in Winchesters Original Game and Just Dessert Golf, where they must be delicately snatched out from under a rat balloon by the player's projectiles. Hitting the balloon itself will not grant the item.

Winchester's Original Game[ | ]

Winchester original game intro

Hosted by Winchester, Winchester's Original Game arms the player with a large cannon and several Rubber Kin for use as ammunition. To the right of the shooting platform, there will be a random stage of destructible block-based constructions containing and protecting several targets bearing Winchster's face.

The aim of the game is to destroy as many Winchester targets as possible using the given amount of ammunition. The amount of targets destroyed will determine the quality of the prize.

In addition to blocks and targets, hovering enemies resembling miniature red Fuseliers may appear throughout certain stages. These mini-Fuseliers do not actively target the player's projectiles, but a projectile colliding with one of them will cause the projectile to be flung away with great force, usually wasting the shot. This destroys the mini-Fuselier in the process.

Notes[ | ]

  • The core gameplay of Winchester's Original Game is heavily based on the popular 2009 mobile game Angry Birds.
    • The name of the game references this fact, as Winchester's Original Game is very much not original.
  • Destroying three or more targets with a single projectile will cause the words 'CHAIN REACTION' to pop up on screen.
  • Destroying 100% of the targets in Winchester's Original Game on three separate occasions will earn the achievement Chester Bester.

Gallery[ | ]

Just Dessert Golf[ | ]

Just dessert golfing intro

Hosted by Manservantes and the dethroned Gunsling King, Just Dessert Golf has the player smacking around a large golf ball around a tall nonsensical green made up of pits, cliffs, and floating islands. The Gunsling King is strapped to the ball, as part of his punishment.

The aim of the game is to hit the Gunsling King / Ball into the marked hole in as few hits as possible. The fewer hits used, the higher quality the prize. Using too many hits will result in no prize at all.

Notes[ | ]

  • The name of the game is a reference to both the game Desert Golfing and the phrase 'To get one's just desserts', meaning to be given a well-deserved punishment.
  • Winning Just Dessert Golf ten times will unlock the achievement 'Green No More'.

Gallery[ | ]

Helmet Kicko[ | ]

Hosted by Loblina, the Ledge Goblin, Helmet Kicko has the player kicking a ball-shaped helmet into a long, colourful drop full of obstacles, bouncers, and pegs. The bottom of the stage contains five 'prize holes', and multiple 'whiff holes'. If the helmet lands in a prize hole, the player will be given a prize based on which hole was hit (different holes have different prize values). If the helmet lands in a whiff hole, the player will be given no prize. The prize hole in the very center of the stage holds the most value, and landing the helmet in it will earn 'first prize'. The prize holes to the left and right of the center hole will grant second prize, and the prize holes at the left and right edges of the stage will earn third prize.

Despite the player initially being able to dictate the direction and power of their kick, the sheer amount of obstacles and possible interruptions leads to the location where the helmet lands being dictated far more by luck than skill.

Notes[ | ]

  • Helmet Kicko is heavily based on the game Plinko.
  • If the Helmet somehow gets stuck on one of the obstacles (for example, being trapped between a spinner and the wall), after a few seconds of the helmet not moving, the kick will be declared a mulligan, and the player will be allowed to have another shot free of charge.
  • The Ledge Goblin sits on a platform at the top of the stage. If the player manages to aim the helmet directly at her head, she will duck to avoid it. If the player scores a direct hit on her body, she will be knocked over backwards by the force of the helmet. This has no effect on the game.
  • One of the possible obstacles is a floating Lead Cube drifting back and forth across the stage. This is the only place where Lead Cubes appear in Exit the Gungeon.