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Location: Forge / Hollow
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Ammonomicon Meowitzer

Egg Nyan
This scientifically minded cat-like creature hails from another dimeownsion. It has used its portal-hopping ship to collect shiny objects all across the multiverse.

It seems to hold a grudge against Tonic the Sledge-Dog and cucumbers.

The Meowitzer is a boss in Exit the Gungeon. It is a large black cat contained within a flying machine that it uses to attack the Gungeoneers.

Behaviour[ | ]

  • Causes several balls of yarn to rain from above at random across the elevator. This can be anticipated by watching the eyes of the Meowitzer's ship, as they briefly glow before the attack begins. The cat also looks up to telegraph this attack.
    • The Meowitzer is capable of starting another attack before all the yarn balls have finished falling, complicating the fight.
    • The yarn balls can be dodged easily by staying close to either wall. No jumping is required, as the yarn balls never fall that close to the walls.
  • Charges in the player's direction. After reaching a halt, it leaves behind a cat-shaped bomb and usually returns to its original position, shooting several spreads of bullets in its wake. The cat-shaped bombs will burst into bullet rings after a short delay. This can be anticipated by watching the ship's eyes, as they will squint briefly before charging, and the cat will lean forward and squint.
    • While the Meowitzer usually returns to its original position after charging, it can occasionally perform a second charge immediately after the first. If this occurs, it will leave cat-shaped bombs at the ends of both dashes, but will only fire bullets behind itself as it returns to its original position after the second dash.
  • Flies from one side of the elevator, dipping slightly, and rapid-firing numerous spreads of bullets in the direction it is moving. The ship furrows its brow to telegraph this attack, though this attack shares its tell with another.
  • Staying on one side of the elevator, the Meowitzer fires a near unbroken stream of bullets across the elevator. The Meowitzer will adjust its height to match the location of the player, but its bullets will always be parallel to the floor.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The appearance of the Meowitzer's ship and its supposed disdain for Tonic the Sledge Dog are both references to Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik from the Sonic franchise.
    • Its tagline, "Egg Nyan", is a corruption on the name "Eggman".
  • The name "Meowitzer" is a portmanteau of the words "Meow" and "Howitzer" (a type of artillery gun).
  • He is also a reference to Gato Roboto.

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