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Mega Douser
Mega Douser
Type: Beam
Quality: D Quality Item
Magazine Size: 900
Max Ammo: 900
DPS: 15.0
Damage: 15/s
Fire Rate: 0.10
Shot Speed: 20
Range: 20
Force: 40
Spread: 0
Class: BEAM
Sell Creep Price: 16 Money
Ammonomicon Entry
Contents Under Pressure
A water gun might seem to be a poor weapon for Gungeoneering, and in most cases that is true. But a well-placed blast of water can douse a raging inferno; a soaked enemy can be electrified; a dazed foe can be pushed into the abyss. In the Gungeon, creativity is key to victory.

Mega Douser is a gun that fires a stream of water with strong knockback. The stream leaves water on the ground wherever it travels.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Get Equipped With -B- - If the player has Megahand, enables Bubble Lead mode on Megahand, which fires Bubble Blaster shots while uncharged. Modes can be switched by reloading the Megahand with a full magazine.
  • Synergy Hydro Pump - If the player also has Escape Rope, damage is increased by 50%, shot speed and knockback is tripled, and stream size is increased.
  • Synergy Ice Water - If the player has Snowballer, Mega Douser freezes enemies, leaves ice, and both guns deal 30% more damage.
  • Synergy Napalm B - If the player has Napalm Strike, Mega Douser will spread fire instead of dousing it.
    • With this synergy, the water pool will be flammable like oil, but will be crisscrossed by lines of dry floor that prevent the fire from spreading too far. Spraying the same area will rearrange the dry lines, spreading the fire further.
  • When paired with weapons such as Shock Rifle it can create huge pools of electrified water and damage most enemies in a room. This technique is effective against bosses as well.
    • Battery Bullets will immediately electrify the pool, making it an extremely powerful gun for The Robot.
    • The Mega Douser's beam won't automatically electrify the pool it creates with Battery Bullets.
  • Can be used to put out the fireplace as well as the fuse on Chests.
  • Bouncy Bullets can cause the stream of water to fragment and bounce, covering nearly the whole room in overlapping streams of water.
  • If the Synergy Hydro Pump synergy is active, Roll Bombs will have their size increased as well while Mega Douser is held.
  • if the Synergy Hydro Pump synergy is active in Co-op mode, and when one player has the escape rope and the other has the Mega Douser, the bullets the player fires will be increased in size.
  • If the player has the Synergy Hydro Pump synergy and dodge rolls with the Cat Bullet King Throne, the bullets fired by the throne will also be doubled in size. This only happens when the Mega Douser is held.

Trivia[ | ]

  • UnusedSynergy Altered: Napalm B - This synergy used to only spread Napalm Strike's fire. It was altered to spread all fire.
  • UnusedSynergy Removed: - If the player has Dart Gun, damage is increased by 25%. Likely removed because it includes a starting weapon.
  • The name and appearance of the gun reference Super Soaker, a brand of toy water guns.
    • More specifically, its shape and color scheme are based on the original Super Soaker 50.
    • The Synergy Hydro Pump synergy is a reference to the Pokémon move of the same name. This is likely due to Escape Rope also being a reference to an item in the Pokémon series.
  • If the Mega Douser is fired at a pool of green fire with the Synergy Napalm B synergy, the fire spread will be of the normal variety.
  • If both the Synergy Napalm B synergy and the Synergy Ice Water synergy are active at once, the ice spread by the Mega Douser will still spread fire.

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