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Location: Forge / Hollow
Diginomicon Entry

Diginomicon Medusalier

Bomb Shell
The Gorgun has made a home in a Fuselier shell and is back for another round.

Even in defeat, a partnership between two powerful Gungeon foes might overpower unprepared Gungeoneers.

Medusalier is a Boss in Exit the Gungeon.

They are a combination of the Gorgun boss and the Fuselier miniboss in Enter the Gungeon, with the Gorgun having taken up residence inside of Fuselier's empty shell. As such, many of their attacks are similar in nature to those of the two original foes.

Behaviour[ | ]

  • Releases 1-3 rings of 8 small bullets around themselves.
  • Screams to release a large amount of bullet rings, each with a small gap that the player can position into to avoid damage.
  • Throws two small daggers topped with Bomb Bots into the walls. These knife-bomb bots fire single bullets at the player until defeated.
  • Fires a spray of bullets in the direction of the player.
  • Fires continuous volleys of bullets, each wave alternating in direction.
  • Fires a single large bullet that bounces around the elevator for a while, possibly complicating other attacks.

Bomb Bot Knife[ | ]

Bomb Bot Knife
Bomb Bot Knife

Bomb Bot Knives are small, weak enemies spawned by Medusalier during one of their attacks. They are thrown into the walls of the elevator shaft, where they stick, and will begin to fire single bullets at the player.

They can, and should be killed as quickly as possible, to avoid them potentially making Medusalier's other attacks much more difficult.

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The wording of Medusalier's diginomicon description suggests that there are numerous Fuseliers, or that Fuselier produces numerous shells.
  • The tag line "Bomb Shell" is a double entendre. It refers of course to the Fuselier half of the boss, but also to the Gorgun, as "bombshell" is slang for an attractive woman.
  • In the code, Medusalier is referred to as 'Fuseduzi'.

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