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Type: Semiautomatic
Quality: B Quality Item
Magazine Size: 6
Max Ammo: 140
Reload Time: 1.0s
DPS: 44.6 (Manual)
34.7 (Automatic)
Damage: 13
Fire Rate: 0.15 (Manual)
0.25 (Automatic)
Shot Speed: 23
Range: 60
Force: 30
Spread: 7
Sell Creep Price: 30 Money
Ammonomicon Entry
5 Shots Or 6?
This gun is unusually filthy for a handgun in the Gungeon. The Gundead spend much of their time polishing and greasing guns, though they conspicuously leave the Magnum alone.

Magnum is a gun. It is a 6-round revolver that deals decent damage with a high fire rate.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Detective Magnum - If the player also has 38 Special, the guns are dual-wielded.
  • Synergy Reload Roll - If the player also has Easy Reload Bullets, dodge rolling reloads six bullets.
  • Synergy Wicked Sister - If the player also has Briefcase of Cash or Lies, Magnum gets 200 max ammo and an axe head on the front of the gun that will block bullets when reloading. The bullets also increase in size.
  • The gun fires faster when shot rapidly like a semi-automatic weapon, rather than holding the trigger like an automatic.

Trivia[ | ]

  • "5 shots or 6?" references the film Dirty Harry.
    • The gun's description also is a reference to Harry calling his magnum a filthy gun.
      • The second part of the description might be a reference to the Gungeon itself, since the gun that Bullet Kin hold actually looks like a Magnum. A Bullet Kin might have abandoned or forgotten it where the player finds it.
  • The Synergy Reload Roll synergy may be a reference to Cassidy from Overwatch, who has the ability to reload his revolver while performing a roll.
  • The Synergy Wicked Sister synergy may be a reference to the Gentlemen Bastard series by author Scott Lynch in which the Wicked Sisters are the twin hatchets serving as the primary weapons of one of the series’ two protagonists - Jean Tannen.
  • The Magnum's altered form with the Synergy Wicked Sister synergy was originally an unused standalone gun, also named Wicked Sister.
  • This gun is the one that is used in the Cultist's past.
  • The Synergy Detective Magnum synergy is likely a reference to the 1980s crime drama Magnum, P.I., a television series starring the titular character, Thomas Magnum, as a private investigator.

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