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Macho Brace
Macho Brace
Type: Passive
Quality: C Quality Item
Sell Creep Price: 21 Money
Unlock Method: Buy from Synergrace 3 times.
Introduced in: AGD Indicator
Ammonomicon Entry
Value for Effort
This training device promotes growth in bullets. Shots are more powerful when coming out of a Dodge Roll. Does not affect speed.

Training to be the very best takes commitment, and hard work.

Macho Brace is a passive item.

Effects[ | ]

  • When coming out of a dodge roll, the player briefly glows yellow for 0.5 seconds. The first shot fired while glowing deals 30% extra damage.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Blunderbrace - If the player also has Blunderbuss, it shoots bigger and faster bullets and charge time is reduced.
  • Gunboots are affected by Macho Brace. Because Gunboots' projectiles are considered as first shot fired bullets, they get Macho Brace's effect, robbing a player of "proper" charged shot from their weapon. As such, this can be considered a somewhat negative synergy, since the player can only apply this bonus to charged weapon shots while Gunboots' projectiles are on cooldown.
  • Roll Bomb is affected by Macho Brace, just like Gunboots, though its synergy with this item is more negative, since Roll Bomb activates for every dodge roll, and thus effectively takes away the possibility to use Macho Brace as intended from the player.
  • Cat Bullet King Throne is affected by Macho Brace. This affects all of the bullets coming out of the throne, not just one.
  • Shots fired by familiars are also affected by Macho Brace, while the effect is still active.
  • If the player fires before the end of their dodge roll, the glowing shot will not deal any bonus damage.
  • If the player dodge rolls multiple times in a row, the damage increase will stack, multiplying damage by 1.3 for each roll.
  • If the player gets hit while glowing, the visual effect will become permanent, but the item's functionality will stay the same.
  • While sliding down tables, the glow around the player remains. This allows them to shoot multiple consecutive shots at a higher damage.
  • When playing as The Paradox, the glow around the player appears pink and white.
  • Bullets that are shot by projectiles such as Bullet are not affected by Macho Brace.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This item is a reference to the Pokémon held item of the same name, which halves the speed of the Pokémon holding it, in exchange for doubling the Effort Value that the Pokémon gains from battle.
    • EVs, short for "Effort Value", are a hidden stat that affects stat increases upon leveling up. This is referenced by the Gungeon item's tagline, "Value for Effort".
    • "Does not affect speed" references the speed-decreasing attributes of the Pokémon item, and "training to be the very best" also references the Pokémon anime theme song.
  • Macho Brace's icon is based on that of Ring of Triggers.

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