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This page refers to the boss in Exit the Gungeon. For the unused boss in Enter the Gungeon, see Vampire Mantis.

Low Priest
Low Priest
Location: Black Powder Mine
Diginomicon Entry

Diginomicon Low Priest

Blast From The Past
The High Priest was one of the most fearsome foes a Gungeoneer could face. Before shedding corporeal form, he was a living man.

With the Gungeon's magics weakened and the timeline fractured, an ambitious young priest defends the Gungeon at all costs.

The Low Priest is a boss in Exit the Gungeon. He is the past form of the High Priest from Enter the Gungeon before he was turned into a possessed gun and robe. By unknown methods he has traveled forward from the past to the Gungeon's final hours.

Behaviour[ | ]

  • The Low Priest will occasionally teleport elsewhere, shooting a ring of bullets in all directions in the process.
  • He will shoot out 5 hand-shaped bullets that home in on the player.
  • He will raise his hands, shooting out multiple worm-like chains of bullets, which will move in a swirling way.
  • He will extend his arms, and shoot 4 rotating streams of bullets from both arms
  • He will extend his arms, and shoot uneven rings of waving bullets out from his core.
  • He will summon 2 giant Xs made out of unusually large bullets. These will travel from the two sides of the arena, to the other, in opposite directions of each other. These will either up-down/down-up, or left-right/right-left depending on the arena.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Low Priest reuses sprites of an unused boss from Enter the Gungeon called the 'Vampire Mantis'. It is unclear if the Vampire Mantis was always intended to be the Low Priest, or if this was simply Dodge Roll recycling the Vampire Mantis' design for a new character.
  • It is likely that the reason the Low Priest is able to appear is due to the Gungeon itself turning into a paradox, similarly to how The Gunslinger is able to return from the past via The Paradox before he ever became The Lich.
  • A painting depicting the Low Priest can sometimes be found on the walls of the Abbey of the True Gun.