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Lord of the Jammed
Lord of the Jammed
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Lord of the Jammed

When the screams of the Jammed reach a fevered pitch, this sentinel will be called forth from beyond the Curtain.

This immortal being cannot be bargained or reasoned with, and will hunt its prey without compassion.

The Lord of the Jammed spawns when the player's Curse reaches 10. He cannot be killed, and continually chases the player, swinging his scythe and firing bullets in all eight cardinal directions.

If the player enters a shop while Lord of the Jammed is pursuing them, the shopkeeper will hide and items will no longer be purchasable. If the player is fast enough, they can still purchase Items before they disappear.

Notes[ | ]

  • When the player teleports, the Lord of the Jammed will have to catch up to them and won't attack during the process until it reaches the player.
  • Even if curse is lowered below 10, the Lord of the Jammed will continue to follow the player until they enter the next chamber.
  • The Lord of the Jammed does not deal contact damage and can be walked through.
  • The Lord of the Jammed can still attack the player when a cutscene is happening; therefore, it is ideal to skip boss intros and talk to as few NPCs as possible.
  • If the player still has 10 curse upon reaching the next floor, the Lord of the Jammed will appear once the player switches guns or picks up ammo/an item.
  • If the player reaches 10 curse while inside a shop, all of the items will become unpurchasable immediately, even before the Lord of the Jammed actually appears. It is therefore recommended to buy everything else you want in a shop before buying a high-curse item or stealing an item, if curse level is already high.
  • Shops can close even if they aren't discovered by the player.
  • Ironically, the Lord of the Jammed himself is not jammed, and fires normal bullets instead of jammed ones.
  • If the player has a Clone, the Lord of the Jammed will follow them after respawning.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The second part of his Ammonomicon entry is a reference to the 1984 film The Terminator, in which the character Kyle Reese uses the same words to describe the titular android.

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