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Ledge Goblin

Loblina is an NPC that can be rescued from the Oubliette or the Gungeon Proper. After she is rescued, she will move up to The Breach, where she will sit on a ledge next to her helmet.

Interacting with her helmet will cause the player to kick it off the ledge, sending it down into the Gungeon. She will enter the Gungeon to retrieve it and will need to be rescued again in order for her to return to The Breach. This process can be repeated, and she will be found further down each time.

After the fourth time that she returns to the Breach, she will give the player the Blast Helmet, and the helmet will be connected to the floor by a chain, making the player no longer able to kick it off.

Quotes[ | ]

Talking to her:

  • "You know, I didn't even come here on purpose."
  • "I had heard the stories... but how could something like this be real?"
  • "I was scouting, and I flew too close."
  • "I was flying straight, but then suddenly I was back several miles."
  • "At first I thought the instruments were busted."
  • "Eventually I realized the ground kept skipping back. Surreal."
  • "When I landed, I found this place."
  • "I couldn't believe it. Die in this horrible place over and over, or eventually succeed and reverse time?"
  • "Eventually, I realized it had to be true."
  • "So I challenged the Gungeon, hoping to never get trapped in its time loop. Over and over. Eventually I got sealed in."
  • "And then you came... and now I'm here."
  • "Hmm mmm mm mmmm. Hmm hmmmm hmmm."

Rescuing her from the Gungeon:

  • First time: "Wow! Thanks for rescuing me! I'm heading back to the Breach. We'll see each other again, I'm sure of it."
  • Second time: "Thanks for letting me out again. I guess. As you can see, I got my helmet back. Let's not... have any more accidents, okay?"
  • Third time: "I found it. Again. I don't know why you did that, but please don't do it again. Now I just need to find my way out..."
  • Fourth time: "Okay, I get it. You're just a jerk. That's the only explanation. I keep having to get my helmet, and wind up here, locked up. And then you just let me out, so you can kick the helmet again! This is madness!"

Talking to her after rescuing her:

  • First time: "You're new."
  • Second time: "Everything... back to normal. Whew."
  • Third time: "Well, here we are again."
  • Fourth time: "You know, before you started kicking my helmet into that pit, I had long since given up on getting out of this place. But, now that you've come to the Gungeon, I know I have to get the hell out of here. So, regardless of your intentions, thank you for rejuvenating my ambition. I've ordered something from the Gungeon Acquisitions Department. Hopefully it will come in handy. If you find it down there, feel free to use it. It's not like you have any respect for personal property anyway. Now leave."

Kicking her helmet off the ledge:

  • First time:
    • "... Why would you do that...?"
    • "...now I have to go get it..."
  • Second time:
    • "No! What? Why? Again? REALLY?"
    • "I really don't want to talk to you right now."
  • Third time:
    • "Yep. There it is. You are the worst."
    • "It isn't even a surprise any more."
  • Fourth time onwards:
    • "Ha! Ha ha! Not this time, sucker."