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Lament Configurum
Lament Configurum
Type: Active
Quality: B Quality Item
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money
Floor Dmg
1 666
Oub 887.98
2 865.8
Abbey 1109.96
3 1065.6
4 1232.1
5/6 1398.6
Unlock Method: Rescue Daisuke.
Introduced in: Supply Drop Indicator
Ammonomicon Entry
This puzzle box plays beautiful, melodic tones as it is solved.

Who knows what mysterious wonders it contains?

Lament Configurum is an active item.

Effects[ | ]

  • Upon use, spawns 3 to 5 enemies. If opened, it will spawn a gun or item. The Lament Configurum must be used a certain number of times before it is successfully opened, and each time it spawns a gun or item, the number of uses it takes to open increases by 1. It always spawns rewards on the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 14th, 20th, etc. uses.
    • There is a 25% chance that it will damage the player upon spawning a gun or item.
      • Damage starts at one heart and increases by half a heart each time the player is damaged by the item.
    • Items and guns spawned will increase curse by 1 when picked up.
    • Items and guns spawned will be B Quality Item, A Quality Item, or 1S Quality Item quality.
  • Increases curse by 1 while held.
  • Increases magnificence by 1, despite being a B Quality Item item.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Heart-Shaped Box - If the player has Heart Lunchbox, Lament Configurum will heal the player instead of dealing damage.
  • Possible enemies spawned include Ashen Bullet Kin, Fallen Bullet Kin, Creeches, Executioners, Bloodbulons, and Poopulons.
  • Lament Configurum is sold for the price of an A Quality Item item in shops even though it is a B Quality Item item.
    • Flynt does not sell it for an increased price.
  • Armor absorbs one hit regardless of damage, so Lament Configurum can only deal one point of damage at a time to The Robot.
  • Damage dealt can be prevented by items such as the Riddle of Lead.
  • Using this item 20 times unlocks the Bloody 9mm.
  • Lament Configurum is a good way of obtaining multiple high quality items and weapons in a run.
  • If the player wants to avoid obtaining lots of curse, it is not recommended to pick up items or weapons spawned that may not be useful, such as the Shelleton Key when the player already has enough keys.
  • There is an unused variable in the Lament Configurum's code called 'ChanceToEyeball', permanently set to 0.001. It is unclear what 'Eyeball' was originally supposed to do, beyond being extremely rare.
    • It is possible that the Lament Configurum was originally supposed to take the player to the secret Eyeball Room that the Teleporter Prototype has a small chance to grant access to
  • If the item or gun spawned is then traded with the Resourceful Rat using the Ring of the Resourceful Rat, the new gun or item will not increase the player's curse upon pickup.

Bugs[ | ]

If the player triggers a challenge shrine, completes it, then uses Lament Configurum before leaving the room, upon completion, a new chest will spawn. This does not work if the player exits and re-enters the room.

Because the player is not immune to damage during transitions between boss fights, it is possible to take damage from spawned enemies during that transition, such as during the Lich boss fight.

Items received from this item lose their curse after you save&quit. Only the curse given by Lament Configurum is cleansed, any curse the item already had will remain.

If the player uses Lament Configurum while the player is using the Drill, the screen will go black and the player loses the ability to move.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This item is a reference to the Lemarchand Configuration from Hellraiser.
  • The synergy "Heart-Shaped Box" is a reference to the song of the same name by Nirvana.
  • If you take damage from Lament Configurum that kills you when a gun or item spawns while you have Clone in your inventory you get the gun or item put directly into your inventory after you revive, despite the fact that the guns and items spawn on the ground.

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