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Knife Shield
Knife Shield
Type: Active
Quality: D Quality Item
Sell Creep Price: 16 Money
Floor Dmg
1 300
Oub 399.99
2 390
Abbey 499.98
3 480
4 555
5/6 630
Ammonomicon Entry
Use Again To Launch!
The Knife Shield is a shield made of blasphemous knives.

Be wary of using it, as it is believed to bring upon the anger of the Jammed.

Knife Shield is an active item.

Effects[ | ]

  • Creates a ring of 8 knives around the player that damage enemies and block enemy bullets. Knives vanish after taking enough damage.
  • If used again before Knife Shield is recharged, the knives are launched forward.
  • Each knife deals 30 damage.
  • Increases Curse by 1 while held.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Fightknives - If the player has Fightsabre, activating Knife Shield while holding Fightsabre makes the knives reflect enemy bullets before getting destroyed. This synergy effect remains even if you switch weapons (provided you were holding Fightsabre upon activation).
  • Synergy Running Blades - If the player has Deck4rd, killing an enemy with Deck4rd has a high chance to spawn a knife.
  • Synergy Throw All Daggers - If the player is holding Excaliber, Knife Shield generates two layers of knives upon use.
  • The knives do not carry on between floors, and disappear once the player enters a new floor.
  • Knife Shield can be activated while the player already has knives, adding another 8 knives to the ring.
    • Be aware that the each set of knives will be spawned in the same layer, so you will end up with 16 knives in one layer rather than two layers with 8 knives each.
  • The knives break minor obstacles and barrels with impunity.
  • The knifes break upon hitting a Blizzbulon frozen body.

Bug[ | ]

  • If the player uses a teleporter with knives active, it is possible to damage and kill enemies in rooms between the two teleporting points, as the knives do not teleport; they travel very quickly between the two points.

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