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Location: Black Powder Mine
Resourceful Rat's Lair
Introduced in: Supply Drop Indicator
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Killithid

Tactical Eldritch Action
The Killithid exists in a dimension of psychic gunplay, where the need for a gun is superfluous.

Their presence in the Gungeon is a mystery, though some believe they delight in the torment of dodging.

Killithids summon several portals around the room that fire bullets towards the player.

Occasionally, the Killithid will split into three copies of itself, two of which are illusions. Killing the actual Killithid will also destroy the illusions, and killing the illusions has no effect. While splitting, the actual Killithid will flash faster than the two illusions and moves first, usually away from them. The real Killithid will also take no knockback, so using a weapon with high knockback, such as a shotgun, will easily reveal the true Killithid.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Killithid was added in the Supply Drop Update.
  • This enemy's name is a pun on kill and Illithid, a race of creatures from Dungeons and Dragons.
  • The Killithid also seems to be referencing the most common form of Cthulhu, as per its design.
  • Its ammonomicon entry references the tagline of Metal Gear Solid, "Tactical Espionage Action".
  • The symbols that appear above Killithid when it attacks (the blue X, the pink square, the red circle, and the green triangle) are a reference to the PlayStation DualShock controller.
  • If the original Killithid is under a status effect such as poison when it creates illusions, only the original will have the status effect, allowing it to be easily spotted.
  • If the original Killithid is being jammed by a Jammomancer and creates illusions, those illusions will be jammed, even if the Jammomancer is killed.
  • While firing, Killithid illusions can be pushed around but the original cannot. This can be used to find the original quickly and without wasting bullets.
  • The Killithid's portals will continue to fire after the Killithid has been frozen.

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