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Kaliber is the goddess of bullets and guns, references to her can be found frequently throughout The Gungeon. In statues she has six arms, but she has seven in Revolvations 2:1 and the Ammonomicon entry for Shambling Round.


If Kaliber has six arms, it is likely in reference to the six proper Chambers of The Gungeon.

The six arms on statues of her appear to be holding three handguns, a bowl of something (Depicted as a red liquid by the statue), an almost hook-like curved blade, and a human skull.

She also appears to have three eyes, with one in the centre of her face and slightly above the others, as well as a crown of spikes jutting directly from the top of her head, or rather, slug.

Any colors present in her design cannot be determined, as she is only seen depicted in grey or reddish stone, and never observed directly, meaning it is entirely possible that this form is merely an interpretation by the Cardinals.

  • This could explain the apparent inconsistency of her having six arms on statues but seven in the Ammonomicon entry for Shambling Round.

Kaliber's Holy Book[]

Several quotes from what seems to be a form of holy scripture can be found in item descriptions and other places around the Gungeon. They reference the Gungeon's past, and make prophecies about its future.

Due to the references to Kaliber that can be found in the texts, this book is most likely hers, however, it is incomplete.


Gunesis 1:1[]

In the beginning, the Gungeon was formless and void, and bullets moved over the face of the deep.


Revolvations 2:1[]

These are the words of Kaliber, she who grips the seven sidearms in her hands and walks among the six loaded chambers. When the Gun is drawn to the heart of the pacifist, and when the chambers are empty and the shells are spent, the Last of the Jammed will ascend to seal The Breach forever.

  • This seems to contradict the statues of Kaliber, as she cannot "[grip] the seven sidearms" with only six hands.

Revolvations 22:12[]

As with all things, the Gun must eventually end; the final Bullet will leave the chamber, and all will be reloaded.

References to Kaliber[]

  • During the final phase of their fight, the last remaining Kill Pillar will take the Kaliber statue's form.
  • Statues and banners of Kaliber can be seen in the Old King's boss room.
  • The description of the Sixth Chamber states that Kaliber smiles upon its bearer.
  • The description of the Eyepatch states that it was involved in a deal with Kaliber, and that the user trades their depth perception for a blessing on the bullets they fire.
  • Angry Bullets are supposed to be "imbued with the white-hot rage of Kaliber herself" according to their description.
  • The High Priest is Kaliber's avatar on the mortal plane, as stated in their Ammonomicon entry.
  • The Gilded Hydra’s description contains a quote from Revolvations.
  • The Gunreapers are Kaliber's will incarnate, according to their Ammonomicon entry.
  • According to their Ammonomicon entry, Cardinal Bullet Kin take it as their mission to spread Kaliber's word.
  • The description of the Riddle of Lead states that it was a reward for a hero who attracted Kaliber's envy by mastering the gungeon.
  • The description of the Particulator contains a quote from Gunesis.
  • The description of the Shellegun contains a quote from Revolvations.
  • Shambling Rounds are "totemic offerings" to Kaliber, they also visually somewhat resemble her.
  • The Holey Grail as stated in the Ammonomicon is an "artifact of Kaliber that was lost to time until the coming of the Mine Flayers and their interdimensional kin."
  • The Blood shrine has the subtitle Kaliber Mah Shakti De. This is a reference to "Kali Ma Shakti De", spoken by Mola Ram in the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom before he sacrifices a victim by pulling out his heart, thus the loss of a heart container upon using the shrine.


  • The name "Kaliber" is a reference to Kali, the Hindu goddess. The name is a portmanteau with the term Caliber, which refers to the diameter of a bullet.
    • It should be noted that Kali herself was known for having several forms with a varying amount of arms (four and ten respectively). As well as being depicted in the mythology as brutal and vicious to enemies but benevolent & generous to followers.
  • The parts of Kaliber's Holy Book "Gunesis" and "Revolvations" are references to the books of the Christian Bible "Genesis" and "Revelation".