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Hyper Light Blaster
Hyper Light Blaster
Type: Semiautomatic
Quality: B Quality Item
Magazine Size: 12
Max Ammo: 12
Reload Time: 1.5 s
DPS: 85.1 (with full ammo)
Damage: 20
Fire Rate: 0.15
Shot Speed: 26
Range: 20
Force: 6
Sell Creep Price: 30 Money
Unlock Method: Purchase from Doug for 22 Hegemony Credit.
Introduced in: Supply Drop Indicator
Ammonomicon Entry
Skill Honed Sharp
Shots that impact foes are refunded.

A weapon once carried by a brave wanderer, whose exploits are lost to the drifts of time. Designed to work in tandem with a blade, this one has been modified to recharge itself.

Hyper Light Blaster is a gun that fires pink lasers. Though it has very low maximum ammo, hitting an enemy will restore 1 ammo.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Hard Light - If the player also has the Light Gun, Hyper Light Blaster's magazine size and maximum ammo is increased by 50% and it gains homing. Light Gun gains a chance to regenerate one or two ammo when hitting enemies.
    • When reloading with the new appearance caused by the Synergy Hard Light synergy, the appearance will revert to the original for the duration of the reload.
  • Picking up Drum Clip will increase the magazine size without increasing ammo capacity, meaning the player will be unable to restore more than the original number of bullets when picking up ammo.
  • Shots will not pierce with Ghost Bullets.
  • Angry Bullets will never refire shots fired from this gun.
  • Easy Reload Bullets has no effect on this gun.

Interactions that restore ammo[ | ]

Interactions that do not restore ammo[ | ]

  • Shots affected by Vorpal Bullets will not restore ammo, even if they hit an enemy.
  • Flak Bullets do not restore ammo.
  • Bullets from other guns fired via Chance Bullets will not restore ammo.
  • Special bullets fired by Bloody 9mm will not restore ammo, even if they hit an enemy.
  • Only Hyper Light Blaster's bullets will restore ammo if another gun is Duct Taped to it.
  • Shots that hit curse jars will not restore ammo.
  • Shots that hit chests will not restore ammo.
  • If a mimic that has not yet been awakened is hit with a bullet, it will not restore ammo.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This gun, as well as its effect, is a reference to the game Hyper Light Drifter.
    • The tagline is a quote from one of the monoliths seen in-game.
    • Despite this, Hyper Light Blaster behaves differently from Hyper Light Drifter's pistol, where hitting enemies with the sword restores ammo rather than the gun itself. This change is mentioned in its Ammonomicon entry.
    • The Synergy Hard Light synergy changes the gun's appearance from the pistol to Zaliska, another gun from Hyper Light Drifter. The name of this synergy references the melee weapons in the Hyper Light Drifter universe being made of hard light.
  • Whenever ammo is refunded, the center of the gun is opened, revealing a red, glowing core.

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