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High Kaliber
High Kaliber
Type: Semiautomatic
Quality: A Quality Item
Magazine Size: 66 (11 shots)
Max Ammo: 666 (111 shots)
Reload Time: 1.0s
DPS: 33.0 (no souls collected)
210.0 (souls collected on bosses)
Infinity (souls collected non-boss)
Damage: 15
Fire Rate: 0.40
Shot Speed: 22
Range: 25
Force: 13
Spread: 8
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money
Introduced in: AFTA Indicator
Ammonomicon Entry
Soul Reaver
Can sever enemies' souls.

This pocked and swollen gun splits and rends the spirit from the body.

High Kaliber is a gun that was added in the A Farewell to Arms update.

The gun fires a shot, which upon hitting an enemy, marks the enemy and causes the enemy's soul to leave its body. The soul will despawn after a short amount of time, if it hits a wall, or if a blank is used. If the player comes into contact with this soul, the enemy takes massive damage. Soul collection kills non-boss enemies instantly, and deals 55 damage to bosses. Additionally, all other marked enemies in the room take 5 damage.

The gun takes 6 ammo per shot, effectively having an ammo capacity of 111.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Kailber k'pow uboom k'bhang - If the player also has Holey Grail, Cursed Bullets, or Yellow Chamber, the split soul initially moves towards the player instead of away.
  • If the player has Scattershot or Helix Bullets, each bullet that hits will spawn a soul, and the damage dealt by collecting souls is not decreased.
  • Helix Bullets causes souls to quickly travel towards the player and stop right in front of them, making them easy to collect.
  • Remote Bullets causes souls to move towards the crosshair.
  • Fat Bullets increase the size of the souls, allowing the player to collect them more easily.
  • Souls cannot be picked up during the player's invincibility frames after being hit.
  • Damage dealt by the souls bypasses the boss DPS cap.
  • Stealing a boss's soul can damage bosses while in normally undamageable states, such as when Blobulord is split into smaller Blobulon-looking bullets.
  • This gun is especially useful in co-op play, as souls can be collected by a partner or even the partner's ghost.
  • When fighting the Ammoconda, souls only appear when you hit the head of the snake.

Trivia[ | ]

  • You can kill the Gunreaper by shooting once and taking his soul. You cannot, though, kill the Lord of the Jammed with it, as the bullets just phase through it.
  • The synergy Synergy Kailber k'pow uboom k'bhang is most likely a reference to the term "ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" of the H.P Lovecraft story "Call of Cthulhu".
  • This gun is most likely a dual reference to both Soulcalibur, a fighting game series featuring a demonic blade that turns its host into a nightmarish abomination similar to what the Entry physically describes the gun as, and Soul Reaver, a spinoff game from the Legacy of Kain series starring an undead vampire that consumes the souls of his slain foes.
  • The damage done by stepping on enemies souls is known internally as 'Soul Burn'[1].
  • The maximum ammo of the High Kaliber is a reference to the biblical Number of the beast (666).

References[ | ]

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