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Hattori is a NPC in Exit the Gungeon. After being rescued using a key sold by the Resourceful Rat he will appear in the Underbreach and begin to sell hats at his shop, dubbed 'Hattori's Hatterdashery'. Hattori is a 'wear-hat', despite claiming not to be. He seems to have an ulterior motive to turn all denizens of the Gungeon into wear-hats such as himself.

Dialogue[ | ]

  • "Use the Hat Rack to put on a Hat!"
  • "Hat! Hat! Hat!"
  • "Put on a Hat!"
  • "BUY A HAT- I'm sorry. Are you interested in purchasing a lovely head accoutrement, (character name)?"
  • After the player buys a hat: "Back in Hation?"
  • If the player leaves the shopkeep menu without buying a hat: "worthless..."
  • If the player is wearing a Hat: "Excellent choice of Head Adornment!"
  • If the player is wearing a Hat: "Ah, [hat name]! A fine choice!"
  • If the player is wearing a Hat: "You know a Hat is truly the safest attire"
  • If the player is playing as the Marine: "Isn't your Helmet cold? Double wrap that noggin!"
  • If the player is playing as the Marine: "You've got a Helmet, but how about another Hat on top!"
  • If the player is playing as the Marine: "Put ANOTHER THING on your HEAD!"
  • When the player leaves Hattori's area: "Don't forget to wear a hat!"
  • After Snails has turned into a hat: "JOIN US ...oh a uh real Wear-Hat must have gotten to our friend Snails..."

Notes[ | ]

  • If Hattori and Snails are both unlocked and in the Underbreach, eventually Snails will be transformed into a wear-hat. Snails places the blame on the player for "letting that thing out", presumably referring to Hattori.
  • The Achievement 'Man of Hats' is unlocked by purchasing all of Hattori's Hats.
  • After leaving the room in which you free Hattori with a rat key, he will slowly say "Braaaains" in red text. This is possibly his ulterior motive as to having people wear hats, allowing him to steal or eat their brains.

Trivia[ | ]

  • 'Wear-Hat' is a reference to Werewolves in mythology and popular culture. Werewolves are typically depicted as people who have been transformed into wolves, with wear-hats likely being similar.