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Hattori is a NPC in Exit the Gungeon. After being rescued using a key sold by the Resourceful Rat he will appear in the Underbreach and begin to sell hats at his shop, dubbed 'Hattori's Hatterdashery'. Hattori is a 'wear-hat', despite claiming not to be. He seems to have an ulterior motive to turn all denizens of the Gungeon into wear-hats such as himself.


  • "Use the Hat Rack to put on a Hat!"
  • "Hat! Hat! Hat!"
  • "Put on a Hat!"
  • "BUY A HAT- I'm sorry. Are you interested in purchasing a lovely head accoutrement, (character name)?"
  • After the player buys a hat: "Back in Hation?"
  • If the player leaves the shopkeep menu without buying a hat: "worthless..."
  • If the player is wearing a Hat: "Excellent choice of Head Adornment!"
  • If the player is wearing a Hat: "Ah, [hat name]! A fine choice!"
  • If the player is wearing a Hat: "You know a Hat is truly the safest attire"
  • If the player is playing as the Marine: "Isn't your Helmet cold? Double wrap that noggin!"
  • If the player is playing as the Marine: "You've got a Helmet, but how about another Hat on top!"
  • If the player is playing as the Marine: "Put ANOTHER THING on your HEAD!"
  • When the player leaves Hattori's area: "Don't forget to wear a hat!"
  • After Snails has turned into a hat: "JOIN US ...oh a uh real Wear-Hat must have gotten to our friend Snails..."


  • If Hattori and Snails are both unlocked and in the Underbreach, eventually Snails will be transformed into a wear-hat. Snails places the blame on the player for "letting that thing out", presumably referring to Hattori.
  • The Achievement 'Man of Hats' is unlocked by purchasing all of Hattori's Hats.
  • After leaving the room in which you free Hattori with a rat key, he will slowly say "Braaaains" in red text. This is possibly his ulterior motive as to having people wear hats, allowing him to steal or eat their brains.


  • 'Wear-Hat' is a reference to Werewolves in mythology and popular culture. Werewolves are typically depicted as people who have been transformed into wolves, with wear-hats likely being similar.