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HS Absolution
HS Absolution
Health: 5200
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon HS Absolution

Hegemony Battleship
The massive dreadnaught that cornered the Pilot and his mate while they salvaged a derelict space hulk in Hegemony space.

The Hegemony of Man fields hundreds of these vessels to police the regions of space it holds dominion over. A Hegemony Battleship is armed with overwhelming firepower, and a small freighter like the Sword could never hope to match one in pitched battle. No one could be blamed for attempting to flee.

However, wielding the dodge roll, the Pilot bested the HS Absolution and saved Z... proving that a Battleship is no match for Friendship.

HS Absolution is the boss of The Pilot's past.

Behavior[ | ]

The boss doesn't move during the fight, unless the player moves to either upper corner of the screen, in which case the Absolution will move sideways in order to crush the player. Attacks include:

  • Summons 22 smaller ships that appear on either side. These ships shoot at the player and can be destroyed, but they will fly down the screen if left too long.
  • Charges and fires two large lasers from the ship's cannons, restricting the player's movement to the center of the screen, while firing smaller bullets in various set patterns.
    • If the laser is dodged through, the attack is aborted and the boss moves to a different attack.
  • Fires bullets from the front of the ship, both at the player and straight forward. The bullets fired at the player are either spinning, or in clusters of 3.
  • Fires large rings of bullets from 2 different points on the back of the ship, at first alternating between the two points, before finishing with both at once.
  • Fires six rockets from the back of the ship, which home in on the player. These rockets can be shot down.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • In the boss intro the battleship is called HM Absolution while the Ammonomicon says HS Absolution. It is also called HM Absolution in the dialogue before the fight begins.
  • HS Absolution is likely a reference to Meina Gladstone, the CEO of the Hegemony of Man in Dan Simmons' Hyperion books.
  • The HM Absolution bears resemblance to the first and second bosses of DemonStar.
  • This boss could be a reference to classic arcade top-down shooter games like Space Invaders.

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