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|[[File:Dart Gun.png|32px]] || [[Dart Gun]] || Sticky || Semiautomatic || 6 || Infinite ||
|[[File:Dart Gun.png|32px]] || [[Dart Gun]] || Sticky || Semiautomatic || 6 || Infinite ||
|[[File:Robot's Right Hand.png|32px]] || [[Robot's Right Hand]] || Built To Kill || Semiautomatic || 20 || Infinite ||
<!-- [[File:Robot's Right Hand.png|32px]] || [[Robot's Right Hand]] || Built To Kill || Semiautomatic || 20 || Infinite ||
|[[File:Blasphemy.png|32px]] || [[Blasphemy]] || To The Point || Semiautomatic || N/A || Infinite ||
|[[File:Blasphemy.png|32px]] || [[Blasphemy]] || To The Point || Semiautomatic || N/A || Infinite ||
|[[File:Pea Shooter.png|32px]] || [[Pea Shooter]] || Baby's First Gun || Semiautomatic || 6 || 1000 ||
|[[File:Pea Shooter.png|32px]] || [[Pea Shooter]] || Baby's First Gun || Semiautomatic || 6 || 1000 || -->
|[[File:38 Special.png|32px]] || [[38 Special]] || For The Inquisitive || Semiautomatic || 6 || 350 ||
|[[File:38 Special.png|32px]] || [[38 Special]] || For The Inquisitive || Semiautomatic || 6 || 350 ||

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There are a wide variety of guns available in the game Enter the Gungeon. Discover and unlock scores of uniquely fantastic guns to annihilate all that oppose you in the Gungeon – each carrying their own unique tactics and ammunition. Unleash everything from the tried and true medley of missiles, lasers, and cannonballs to the bizarrely effective volley of rainbows, fish, foam darts, and bees! Yep, bees.

List of guns

Icon Name Quote Type Clip Size Ammo Description
Rusty Sidearm.png Rusty Sidearm Still Works. Mostly. Semiautomatic 6 Infinite
Marine Sidearm.png Marine Sidearm Always With You Semiautomatic 10 Infinite
Rogue Special.png Rogue Special Underhanded And Efficient Semiautomatic 8 Infinite
Budget Revolver.png Budget Revolver Affordable Arms Semiautomatic 5 Infinite
Dart Gun.png Dart Gun Sticky Semiautomatic 6 Infinite
38 Special.png 38 Special For The Inquisitive Semiautomatic 6 350
Derringer.png Derringer One Last Trick Semiautomatic 2 200
Unfinished Gun.png Unfinished Gun Still Warm Semiautomatic 30 100 Shots pierce through enemies.
Makarov.png Makarov The People's Gun Semiautomatic 7 350
M1911.png M1911 Classic Semiautomatic 7 200
Magnum.png Magnum 5 Shots Or 6? Semiautomatic 6 140
Colt 1851.png Colt 1851 You Dig Burst 12 350 Fires a burst of two bullets.
SAA.png SAA Exhilarating Reload Time Semiautomatic Fires bouncing bullets.
Cold 45.png Cold 45 Shatterday Night Special Semiautomatic
Polaris.png Polaris Storied Semiautomatic 12 400 Has 3 levels. Killing enough enemies causes the gun to level up, increasing its damage. Taking damage decreases its level by 1.
Jolter.png Jolter .95 Caliber Semiautomatic 12 200
Dungeon Eagle.png Dungeon Eagle Caw! Charged 9 200
? ?
? ?
Dueling Pistol.png Dueling Pistol Ricochet Semiautomatic 1 120 Fires large bullets that bounce twice.
AU Gun.png AU Gun Some Assembly Required Semiautomatic 1 22 Fires a single powerful bullet.
Big Iron.png Big Iron Heavy Semiautomatic 6 150 Fires a random spread of three bullets.
Composite Gun.png Composite Gun Undetectable Charged 2 50
Flare Gun.png Flare Gun Over Here Semiautomatic 1 150 Fires bullets that have a chance to set enemies on fire.
Smiley's Revolver.png Smiley's Revolver All Smiles Semiautomatic Decreases shop prices while held.
Shades's Revolver.png Shades's Revolver Someone Loses An Eye Semiautomatic 6 150
Regular Shotgun.png Regular Shotgun Cocked and Loaded Semiautomatic
Old Goldie.png Old Goldie For The Discerning
Sawed-Off.png Sawed-Off No Butts About It Semiautomatic 6 150
Winchester.png Winchester Better Than A Box Of Roses Semiautomatic 8 100
Rattler.png Rattler Snakes On A Gun Semiautomatic 8 200 Simultaneously fires a shotgun blast and a beam that has a chance to poison enemies.
Elephant Gun.png Elephant Gun Shoots Elephants Semiautomatic 2 120 Fires a cone spread of bullets and has strong knockback.
Tangler.png Tangler Get Wrecktangled Semiautomatic Fires a shotgun blast of rectangular bullets that bounce off walls. Enemies hit will be folded into a rectangle.
Void Shotgun.png Void Shotgun CQC Semiautomatic 6 250
Mass Shotgun.png Mass Shotgun My Favorite Gun Automatic 1 200 Shoots a large slow projectile that will split up in a barrage of small bullets shortly afterwards.
Shotgun Full of Hate.png Shotgun Full of Hate Hate Is Power! Shoots a shotgun burst of poison bullets that leave pools of poison creep.
Shotgun Full of Love.png Shotgun Full of Love Kill With Kindness Semiautomatic Has a chance to Charm enemies.
Shotgrub.png Shotgrub No Worries! Semiautomatic 8 250 Fires a spread of 5 bullets that leave small pools of poison creep.
Gilded Hydra.png Gilded Hydra Heads Up! Semiautomatic 1+ 50 Fires a large burst of piercing, bouncing bullets. Clip size is increased by 1 for each half heart the player is missing, and healing decreases clip size.
Blunderbuss.png Blunderbuss Shoots Anything Charged 4 100
Pulse Cannon.png Pulse Cannon Time Of Death… Semiautomatic 8 120 Fires a shotgun blast spread of 5 bullets
Siren.png Siren Mershotgun Semiautomatic 6 200 Fires a shotgun blast of bullets that leave pools of water.
Zilla Shotgun.png Zilla Shotgun Quadruple the fun! 6 120
Ice Breaker.png Ice Breaker Never Let Go Semiautomatic 3 100 The first two shots fire a shotgun blast of ice bullets, and the final shop fires a single explosive shot.
The Membrane.png The Membrane Green Or Yellow? Semiautomatic 6 120 Fires a shotgun blast of bouncing green bullets that split into more bouncing green bullets.
Huntsman.png Huntsman Axes Of Evil Semiautomatic 6 150 Fires shotgun blasts of bullets. Reloading swings the gun, destroying nearby bullets. Increases curse while held.
Blooper.png Blooper Close Your Bloop Semiautomatic 5 150 Fires shotgun blasts of blue bullets with high knockback.
Bow.png Bow Hold Fire To Charge Charged 1 100 Pierces enemies when fully charged.
Charmed Bow.png Charmed Bow <3-----<<< Charged Has a chance to Charm enemies.
Crossbow.png Crossbow The Original Semiautomatic 1 100 Fires bolts.
Sticky Crossbow.png Sticky Crossbow Reload, Explode Semiautomatic Fires bolts that stick to the enemy and explode upon reloading.
Shotbow.png Shotbow A Teleporter Accident Semiautomatic Fires a shotgun blast of bolts.
Triple Crossbow.png Triple Crossbow 3 > 1 Semiautomatic 3 100 Reloading alternates between triple bolts and single bolts that slow enemies.
Crescent Crossbow.png Crescent Crossbow Moon Shot Charged 12 100 Fires stars that split into smaller bouncing stars.
Gunbow.png Gunbow Failed Experiment Charged
Klobbe.png Klobbe Everyone's Favorite Automatic Rapidly fires low-damage bullets.
Machine Pistol.png Machine Pistol Rapid Fire Automatic
Thompson Sub-Machinegun.png Thompson Sub-Machinegun Myeah, See! Automatic 30 350
AK-47.png AK-47 Accept No Substitutes Automatic 30 500
? ?
M16.png M16 Underslung Burst Reloading alternates between bursts of bullets and a grenade launcher.
Zorgun.png Zorgun Don't Push The Red Button
VertebraeK-47.png VertebraeK-47 Nervous Yet? Automatic Bullets close to each other will form links between each other, which hurts enemies on touch.
MAC10.png MAC10 $#!^@ Never End Burst 30 600 Fires a burst of four bullets.
Heck Blaster.png Heck Blaster Whoa, Nelly Automatic 999 999 Rapidly fires invisible bullets that travel instantly.
Patriot.png Patriot Gun Eater Automatic 50 350 Fires piercing bullets.
Vulcan Cannon.png Vulcan Cannon Boundless Slaughter Automatic 800 800
Plague Pistol.png Plague Pistol Chemical Warfare Semiautomatic 12 200 Fires bullets that have a chance to poison enemies.
Gungine.png Gungine 12 Cylinder Automatic 100 800 Greatly increases movement speed while held.
Dragunfire.png Dragunfire Roar Automatic
Sniper Rifle.png Sniper Rifle Scope Creep Semiautomatic 10 80 Fires bullets that can pierce through one enemy.
A.W.P..png A.W.P. Noob Cannon Semiautomatic 10 60 Fires bullets that can pierce through one enemy.
M1.png M1 Bolt Action Semiautomatic 6 100 Bullets penetrate enemies.
Winchester Rifle.png Winchester Rifle Guns and Deviltry. Semiautomatic 12 130
Corsair.png Corsair Plot A Course Charged 1 200 Fires slow-moving bullets that accelerate and bounce around the room.
Railgun.png Railgun Calibrating Charged 1 40 Fires a fast-moving piercing bullet that bounces many times.
Prototype Railgun.png Prototype Railgun DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE
Void Marshal.png Void Marshal Acquired Under The Table Semiautomatic
Deck4rd.png Deck4rd Unicorn Of Handguns Semiautomatic 2 40 Fires a single powerful bullet that will explode upon impact.
The Judge.png The Judge Hot Shot Semiautomatic Bullets have a random chance to either Poison or Burn enemies on hit. (likely more effects possible)
Alien Sidearm.png Alien Sidearm Shield Breaker Charged 10 350 Charged shots are larger and deal more damage.
RUBE-ADYNE Prototype.png RUBE-ADYNE Prototype It Never Quits Semiautomatic 6 200 Fires lasers that bounce four times.
RUBE-ADYNE MK.II.png RUBE-ADYNE MK.II Polished Product Semiautomatic 15 300 Fires bouncing lasers with limited range.
Mine Cutter.png Mine Cutter Safety First Semiautomatic 12 250 Reloading alternates between firing three small, piercing, parallel lasers and single large lasers.
Void Core Assault Rifle.png Void Core Assault Rifle Rapid Fire Burst 30 300
Flash Ray.png Flash Ray Ah Ahhh! Semiautomatic 8 350 Has a chance to stun enemies.
Wind Up Gun.png Wind Up Gun Charge It Automatic 20 600 The second half of each clip is slower and deals less damage (unconfirmed).
H4mmer.png H4mmer Many Bullets Automatic Fires a barrage of bullets. The last shot in the magazine is a hammer, which deals extra damage and can stun enemies.
? ?
Hegemony Rifle.png Hegemony Rifle All The Same Automatic
Screecher.png Screecher Cover Your Ears! Automatic 1000 1000
Laser Lotus.png Laser Lotus Level 5
32px Std. Issue Blazer So Precise. Semiautomatic
Fightsabre.png Fightsabre Heresy Automatic 25 500 Reloading swings the gun around, reflecting nearby bullets. Increases Curse while carried.
Helix.png Helix Splice 'n' Dice Semiautomatic 12 250 Fires two waving bullets.
Laser Rifle.png Laser Rifle Blast Off! Burst 24 500 Fires a burst of three lasers.
Crestfaller.png Crestfaller Cold Reality Semiautomatic 8 250 Fires piercing bullets that slow and freeze enemies.
Thunderclap.png Thunderclap Lightning In A Bullet
Charge Shot.png Charge Shot Hold To Fire Charged 1 50 Fires a large laser that pierces enemies and bounces off of walls.
Dark Marker.png Dark Marker Big Bang 160
Particulator.png Particulator Strange Matter Fires bullets in a small spread, which will then automatically seek out enemies.
The Emperor.png The Emperor Electric Terror Burst Fires a burst of four bullets connected by electricity.
RPG.png RPG Leveled Up Semiautomatic 1 40
Grenade Launcher.png Grenade Launcher Fwomp! Semiautomatic 1 25
Stinger.png Stinger Buzz Kill Semiautomatic 1 50 Fires homing rockets that explode into bees.
Com4nd0.png Com4nd0 You're Fired Semiautomatic 4 40 Fires homing rockets.
RC Rocket.png RC Rocket Avoid User Error
Yari Launcher.png Yari Launcher Hell. Yes.
Lil' Bomber.png Lil' Bomber ReFuse To Lose! Charged 3 60 Fires a bomb that bounces off solid objects and explodes on enemy contact.
Grasschopper.png Grasschopper Noisy Semiautomatic Fires a single powerful blast that has a very strong recoil.
Bundle of Wands.png Bundle of Wands Dark Arts Semiautomatic Has a chance to transmogrify enemies.
Staff of Firepower.png Staff of Firepower Missing Link Semiautomatic 6 (gun)
12 (staff)
200 Reloading alternates between a rapid fire pistol and a beam weapon that can set enemies on fire.
Witch Pistol.png Witch Pistol Spells Your Doom Semiautomatic 6 350 Fires bullets that have a chance to transmogrify enemies.
Hexagun.png Hexagun Light Fantastic Semiautomatic 1 75 Fires piercing bullets that have a chance to transmogrify enemies.
Phoenix.png Phoenix Reborn In Flame Semiautomatic Firing a bullet creates a small cone of fire in front of the player that sets enemies on fire.
Magic Lamp.png Magic Lamp One Wish, Three Times Semiautomatic Hitting an enemy three times causes a genie to punch them.
? ?
Luxin Cannon.png Luxin Cannon Omnichrome Automatic Fires laser shots at enemies. When the magazine is emptied the tip of the crystal will be launched for extra damage.
? ?
Unicorn Horn.png Unicorn Horn Fires Friendship Beam Fires a rainbow beam that homes in on enemies. Increases Curse while carried.
? ?
Frost Giant.png Frost Giant Icy Grasp Semiautomatic 12 130 Fires big bullets that have a chance to freeze enemies.
Bullet Bore.png Bullet Bore Mind Muncher Semiautomatic 1 75 Fires drills that home in on enemies, stun them, and explode after a short delay.
? ?
Megahand.png Megahand -P- Charged 18 200 Has 3 levels of damage depending on how long the gun has been charged.
Demon Head.png Demon Head Wanged Beam 500 500 Fires a continuous beam that has a chance to afflict Burn.
Heroine.png Heroine Charge Beam Active Charged 6 200 Has 3 levels of damage depending on how long the gun has been charged.
? ?
Mutation.png Mutation Didn't Need Two Anyway Beam 500 500 Fires a continuous beam and heavily pushes back the player.
Flame Hand.png Flame Hand 2D6 + Int Mod Semiautomatic Fires fireballs that pierce enemies and have a chance to set enemies on fire.
Machine Fist.png Machine Fist Avalanche Of Bullets Automatic 70 300 Reloading alternates between firing a gatling gun, and a single shot exploding rocket punch that is guided by the player's reticle. The rocket punch consumes 10 ammo upon firing.
Snowballer.png Snowballer May Contain Rocks Automatic Fires snowballs that have a chance to freeze enemies.
Super Meat Gun.png Super Meat Gun Very Fast Semiautomatic 12 200 Fires piercing, bouncing saw blades. Slightly increases movement speed while held.
Anvillain.png Anvillain Practical And Safe Charged 3 60 Fires anvils that knock back and stun enemies.
Fossilized Gun.png Fossilized Gun Proof That Guns Once Existed Beam 500 500 Fires a stream of oil. Reloading causes the skull to spit fire, which can ignite the oil.
Gamma Ray.png Gamma Ray Mean Green Beam 800 800 Fires a green laser that has a chance to poison enemies.
Freeze Ray.png Freeze Ray Ice To Meet You Beam Fires a blue laser that has a chance to freeze enemies.
Science Cannon.png Science Cannon Charged Particles Beam 500 500 Fires a large laser after a short charge-up.
Disintegrator.png Disintegrator Return To Dust Beam 500 500 Fires a large laser after a long charge-up.
Proton Backpack.png Proton Backpack Crossing Streams Beam Fires a homing laser.
Mega Douser.png Mega Douser Contents Under Pressure Beam 900 900 Fires a stream of water.
Plunger.png Plunger Take Your Best Shot! Beam 500 500 Fires a stream of poison. Has a chance to Poison enemies and leaves poisonous puddles on the floor.
Raiden Coil.png Raiden Coil Shoot Em' Up Beam 500 500 Fires a laser that homes in on all on-screen enemies.
Moonscraper.png Moonscraper Beeeeoooowwww! Beam 500 500 Fires a continuous laser.
Barrel.png Barrel Nothin' Easier Semiautomatic 9 300 Fires fish that have a chance to stun enemies and leave pools of water.
Trick Gun.png Trick Gun Reload To Transform Semiautomatic Reloading transforms the gun between a pistol and a shotgun.
Mailbox.png Mailbox Special Delivery Semiautomatic Fires mails at enemies, with the final bullet in the magazine being a package. The package can explode, leave confetti, Burn, or Poison enemies. (likely more things possible)
Nail Gun.png Nail Gun Pest Control Semiautomatic Fires a rapid stream of low damage nails.
Light Gun.png Light Gun Third-Party Semiautomatic Fires zaps of light at enemies. The last bullet in the magazine is a duck, which will automatically seek out the nearest enemy and attack them.
Mahoguny.png Mahoguny 100% Organic Semiautomatic 10 350 Fires bouncing wood bullets along with several leaves.
The Scrambler.png The Scrambler Bullet Or The Gun? Semiautomatic 1 120 Fires bullets that hatch into many homing bullets upon hitting an enemy or obstacle.
Trashcannon.png Trashcannon Take It Out! Semiautomatic Fires a trash bag that explodes into poison projectiles that leave trails of poison creep.
Glacier.png Glacier Refill Your Trays Automatic Fires bouncing ice cubes that explode and freeze enemies.
Origuni.png Origuni Thousand Cuts Semiautomatic 8 300 Fires paper planes that curve towards enemies.
The Kiln.png The Kiln Fires Pots Semiautomatic 8 200 Fires pots that break into 3 bouncing crystals upon hitting something.
Skull Spitter.png Skull Spitter Hard Headed Semiautomatic Fires homing skulls.
Buzzkill.png Buzzkill Sawed On! Semiautomatic 12 350 Fires piercing, bouncing sawblades.
Tear Jerker.png Tear Jerker Q_Q Semiautomatic 20 100 Fires tears that leave behind puddles of water.
Ser Manuel's Revolver.png Ser Manuel's Revolver Lost Soul
Eye of the Beholster.png Eye of the Beholster What A Beauty! Semiautomatic The last shot of each clip spawns a friendly Beadie.
Molotov Launcher.png Molotov Launcher Exactly What You Think Semiautomatic Fires molotovs that set areas on fire.
Shock Rifle.png Shock Rifle Zap Semiautomatic Fires a zap of electricity.
Bait Launcher.png Bait Launcher Meat Your Maker Charged 1 60 Fires a steak that causes a tiger to appear and maul the target.
Brick Breaker.png Brick Breaker Wrong Kind Of Mortar Semiautomatic Fires bouncing turtle shells.
Betrayer's Shield.png Betrayer's Shield Actually A Gun Automatic 12 350 Upon reloading, leaves a protective shield on the ground. Players in that area will be protected until the shield has absorbed a number of bullets.
Lower Case r.png Lower Case r Alphabetical! Burst 36 900 Fires a burst of 6 bullets that spell out the word bullet.
Excaliber.png Excaliber Once And Future Burst 32 280 Fires a burst of three piercing sword projectiles. Reloading swings the sword, destroying nearby bullets. Increases curse while held.
Face Melter.png Face Melter Squiddley-squiddley-wheeyooo! Automatic Simultaneously fires music notes in four directions.
Trident.png Trident Under The Sea
Abyssal Tentacle.png Abyssal Tentacle Look Away Beam 500 500 Fires a tentacle that homes in on and grips enemies, damaging them.
Quad Laser.png Quad Laser No One Can Defeat It Semiautomatic Fires a large, slow laser bullet.
Pitchfork.png Pitchfork Get Forked! Semiautomatic Fires fireballs that have a chance to Burn enemies.
Gungeon Ant.png Gungeon Ant What Army? Semiautomatic 6 100 Reloading alternates between firing spreads of bullets that leave behind oil and flaming bullets.
Alien Engine.png Alien Engine The Dangerzone Automatic 1000 1000 Rapid fire weapon that has a very short range, only damaging enemies that come into contact with the muzzle flash. Enemies damaged have a chance to catch on fire. Extremely high recoil.
? ?
T-Shirt Cannon.png T-Shirt Cannon Machine Gun Wash Only! Semiautomatic 6 250 Fires t-shirts that have significant knockback.
Banana.png Banana Planpain Charged Fires an explosive banana that sends out three more bouncing explosive bananas.
Bee Hive.png Bee Hive Bzzzzzzz! Automatic Fires bees.
Silencer.png Silencer 300 Dead Count Semiautomatic 8 200 Fires pillows. Hitting an enemy with the swing of the weapon will stun the enemy.
Camera.png Camera Say Cheese Charged Attacks nearby enemies that are facing the player. Has a chance to stun enemies.
? ?
Sling.png Sling Outrageous! Charged 1 80 Fires rocks that bounce once.
Cactus.png Cactus 1000 Needles! Automatic 1000 1000 Fires needles.
Black Hole Gun.png Black Hole Gun Won't You Come Charged Fires black holes that attract enemies and enemy bullets.
BSG.png BSG Big Shooty Gun Charged Slowly charges up to fire a large high-damage projectile.
Compressed Air Tank.png Compressed Air Tank You Know My Work Charged 1 50 Fires sharks that swim around the room, seeking enemies and biting them.
Serious Cannon.png Serious Cannon Seriously MENTAL Charged 1 20 Fires large bouncing cannonballs.
? ?