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For the Enter the Gungeon enemy, see Gunjurer.

Gunjurers are mystical enemies in Exit the Gungeon, who practice the arts of ammomancy to combat Gungeoneers.

There is currently one Gunjurer enemy in Exit the Gungeon, however two extra varieties are fully sprited, and will likely be added in future content updates.

Apprentice Gunjurer[]

Apprentice Gunjurer
XtG Apprentice Gunjurer.png
Location: Forge
Ammonomicon Entry

File:Ammonomicon Gunjurers (Exit the Gungeon).png

Bullet Shaper
Less experienced than their fellow Ammomancers, Apprentice Gunjurers must hone their craft by ordering bullets into a variety of simple shapes.

Apprentice Gunjurers mark the most initiate ranks of the ammomantic arts.

They sit stationary in the air, levitating, and launching spinning bullet shapes at the player. They regularly disappear, and will reappear in another location a few seconds later as a form of delayed teleportation.

The shapes they are capable of conjuring are triangles, plus (+) formations, circles, and squares.

Other Gunjurers[]

While not currently present in the game, both the Gunjurer and High Gunjurer from Enter the Gungeon have been fully sprites, and will likely be added in a future content update. Their potential behaviours are unknown, but will likely resemble their attacks from Enter the Gungeon.

XtG Gunjurer.png XtG High Gunjurer.png