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Gun Nuts are powerful enemies in Exit the Gungeon, readily armed with their mighty weapons, tough armour, and high HP, they can dispatch all but the most vigilant gungeoneers with ease.

Gun Nut[]

Gun Nut
XtG Gun Nut.png
Location: Forge, Hollow, Black Powder Mine
Ammonomicon Entry

File:Ammonomicon Gun Nut (Exit the Gungeon).png

Dark Knight
The Gun Nut commands lesser Gundead with the authority of the Bullet King, and patrols the halls of the Gungeon with a mighty blade forged from pure bullets.

Gun Nuts are the standard for this tough gundead regiment, and as such they are the most common and most frequently appearing of the group.

They walk towards the player, occasionally pausing to raise their mighty sword, only to slam it down and release a large, tightly packed semicircle spread of bullets in the direction they are facing. In addition to this semicircle, three triangle formations of bullets are also launched. One travels right in the middle of the semicircle and is of little consequence, but the other two travel just a little big backwards, over the Gun Nut's shoulders, and can easily catch an unaware Gungeoneer off guard.

Jetpack Variant[]

Gun Nuts have a Jetpack Variant, which is functionally identical in the way it attacks, but has the added ability of flight.

XtG Jetpack Gun Nut.png

Spectral Gun Nut[]

Spectral Gun Nut
XtG Spectral Gun Nut.png
Ammonomicon Entry

File:Ammonomicon Gun Nut (Exit the Gungeon).png

From Beyond
High-ranking Gun Nuts who continue to serve, though their armor has fallen to disrepair.

Spectral Gun Nuts are the disarmed phantoms of deceased Gun Nuts, who still serve their purpose as they did in life.

Instead of slamming a sword, Spectral Gun Nuts charge a large cannon in their chests, releasing a semicirle spread of bullets to be fired either to the left or right of them (depending on where the player is) though they cannot aim more precisely than that. Alongside their semicircle spread, they fire a single large bullet that bursts upon hitting a wall (or travelling significant distance) into a ring of bullets that then emanates out.

Spectral Gun Nuts are flying enemies, and thus are not at risk of falling.


  • The most significant visual difference between Spectral Gun Nuts in Exit the Gungeon and Enter the Gungeon is that Spectral Gun Nuts in Exit the Gungeon seem to have removed their helmets, showing their bare skulls, blazing with ghostly green flames.

Winged Gun Nut[]

Official Name Unknown
Winged Gun Nut.png

Please be aware that the name 'Winged Gun Nut' is not official or canon, and it merely a placeholder as the enemy has no official name at the moment.
Winged Gun Nuts are a stronger variant of the Gun Nut appearing exclusively in the later areas of Exit the Gungeon. Unlike their Gun Nut compatriots, they are permanently capable of flight thanks to two large wings on the back of their shining armour.

To attack, the Winged Gun Nut raises it's sword into the air, and summons two rings of bullets from it at once, which emanate outwards indefinitely. Intermixed with this ring are several spiky bullets as well.


  • Winged Gun Nuts are one of the few enemies in Exit the Gungeon that do not have an Enter the Gungeon counterpart.
  • Despite not appearing in the ammonomicon, the Winged Gun Nut has an Ammonomicon icon sprite that is currently unused.