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A variety of liquids, known as Goop, can be found in the Gungeon. Sources of goop include items, guns, objects, and enemies.

All goop besides oil can be used to put out fuses on chests and the fireplace in the Keep of the Lead Lord. Gungine and Plunger restore ammo if reloaded while standing on any goop.

Water[ | ]


Water is a common type of goop that has no effect on its own. Sources of water include:

Electrified Water[ | ]

Electrified Water

If water is electrified, it will continuously deal damage to enemies and players standing in it. Unlike fire and poison, this will not deal damage to flying enemies such as Gigi. Sources of electricity include:

Shock Rifle, Hazmat Suit, Battery Bullets, Synergy Clearer Guon Stone, and Synergy Neo Tech, Yo provide immunity to electricity.

Ice[ | ]


Water can be frozen into ice, which makes it very slippery unless the player has Heavy Boots. Water can be frozen by:

Poison[ | ]


Poison goop poisons enemies and players that stand on it. Sources of poison goop include:

Oil[ | ]

OilOil Fire

Oil is normally harmless, but will be set on fire upon contact with fire or an explosion. Sources of oil include:

Green Fire[ | ]

Green fire is a special variant of fire that does not damage the player, and enemies ignited by green fire will permanently burn. Spreading oil onto green fire will replace it with regular fire.

Sources of green fire include:

Cheese[ | ]

Cheese rapidly slows and freezes any enemies that walk into it. Enemies that die while encased in cheese will spawn another cheese pool.

The only sources of cheese are Elimentaler, Resourceful Sack, and Chamber Gun in the Resourceful Rat's Lair.

Web[ | ]

Webs slow the player's movement, but will be destroyed when the player moves off of them. Contact with fire will burn and destroy the web.

Webs randomly appear throughout the Gungeon, and are spawned by Phaser Spiders.

Other[ | ]

There are a few other types of goop which have no unique effects other than replacing any goop that had already occupied the floor.

Blobulon Goop

Blobulons, Blobuloids, and Blobulins leave behind trails of red goop while chasing the player. The same goop is spawned by the Bait Launcher.

Mutation Goop

Mutation and Bloodbulons leave trails of dark red goop.