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Location: Exterior
Diginomicon Entry

Diginomicon Gloctopus

Krak Shot
This abhorrent creature was willed into existence by the collective nightmares of countless Gungeoneers who imagined horrors that they felt should, but did not yet, exist. This tentacled horror is a master of the glockenspiel and the xylophone.

Gloctopus is an optional final Boss in Exit the Gungeon.

It is a giant octopus wielding multiple pistols and is considered the game's final challenge.

Defeating Gloctopus for the first time unlocks the Whisper Gem and Super Space Turtle, as well as a bonus hat for each Gungeoneer that it is defeated with.

How to Get To[ | ]

After the Gungeon is exited at least twice by two different Gungeoneers, a bounty notice will appear in the Keep of the Lead Lord Shop, alongside a Bait Worm that is for sale for 200Money. If the Bait Worm is purchased, after The Last Dragun is defeated, the large pile of gundead corpses to the left of the Exterior area is removed, and the player may walk in that direction to encounter Super Space Turtle on a jetski. The player boards the jetski, and is driven by Super Space Turtle to the Gloctopus fight, in what appears to be a cave near or beneath the Gungeon.

Phases[ | ]

The first phase of the fight is unique in that you shoot the boss which hovers above your head from the jetski and your controls are different. You can move sideways, but your Dodge Rolls are replaced with charged jumps. When you hold the spacebar/RMB, you move under the water and begin charging; when you let go or spend too much time underwater, the jetski will jump a short distance, rendering you invulnerable to any damage for its duration. Bullets are still harmful when in water.

The second phase plays out on a normal arena with three slightly elevated platforms.

Behaviour[ | ]

The attacks for the first phase of the Gloctopus fight include:

  • Slamming its head on the water and creating waves of bullets on impact
  • Sending a giant wave of fish above the water and occasionally a big bullet beneath it
  • Shooting triangle bullets and rings of normal bullets from its mouth covering almost the entire arena with little safe spots.
  • Shooting lots of small homing bullets from its mouth in a wave pattern
  • Sending shifting rows of bullets from the ceiling to the ground
  • Moving directly above the player and firing a damaging beam. During this attack, the underwater portion of the arena is emitting harmful bubbles with little safe spots.

Once the first phase's health bar is brought to 0, the player has to move to the right of the arena to initiate the second phase. The attacks for the second phase include:

  • Sucking the air around the player, disturbing their movement and shooting slow moving bullets in all directions
  • Repeatedly slamming its fists to the ground trying to hit the player with the other tentacles shooting
  • Slamming its fists to the ground once before three vertical rows of bullets drop down from the ceiling separating the arena into four parts. After a few seconds, the bullets making the pillars shift to the sides and disappear.
  • The boss escaping the arena and only its eye being visible through the crack in the wall. Shortly after this the Gloctopus's tentacles pierce through the ground once every few seconds and explode around 1 second after spawning leaving an expanding ring of red bullets. The boss is immune to all damage for the duration of this attack.
  • Shouting and making boulders drop from the ceiling which explode on contact with the floor sending their hurtful debris flying.
  • The Glocktopus's six armed tentacles firing in all directions while the boss is starting to charge damaging rays (much like the Sepulchergeist). after around 1.5 seconds the boss fires the rays which preserve for a short while, this cycle happens 2-3 times.
  • The six armed tentacled firing rings of smaller bullets and immediately following it with blasts of proton-shaped bullets. Can also fire blasts of skull-shaped bullets at the end.
  • Vertical rows of bullets moving in a wave pattern starting to drop from the ceiling. While this happens the boss sends fish-shaped bullets from above which explode on contact with the floor or the player leaving an expanding ring of smaller fish-shaped bullets.
  • The Gloctopus's six armed tentacles firing rounds of big red bullets in all directions while bubbles come from the boss's mouth.

Notes[ | ]

  • There is no respite between The Last Dragun fight, and the Gloctopus fight. As such it is advisable to conserve as many resources as possible during the battle against the Last Dragun.
  • If Clone is carried during this boss fight, it will teleport the player back to Gloctopus rather than the start. It's advised that the item should be activated before this fight to gain more items and preparation.
  • The boss's entry screen plays only before the second phase and not the first.
  • The name "GLOCK" is trademarked by the company Glock, Inc. They are known to be litigious, so even though the developers refer to this boss by the name 'Glocktopus', in-game, it is always referred to as the 'Gloctopus', without the "k".

Trivia[ | ]

  • Despite being called the Gloctopus, the boss' design is more similar to that of a squid.
  • Its Ammonomicon entry references the massive community demand for an enemy or boss using the 'Glocktopus' name to appear in Enter the Gungeon while its development was still active.

Gallery[ | ]