the Gatling gull is a boss in enter the gungeon. it is fairly easy compared to the others later on ands its suppose to be


the appearance of the Gatling gull is similar to a broforce character like rambro as it has in-humanly muscle mass. the gull carries around 2 Gatling guns which is a reference to its name.


the attacks of the Gatling gull is as follows. -missle barrage-fly off screen and rain down missles telegraphed by red x on the ground -energy ball- fires a single ball that when it touches a wall it seperates into 30 balls shooting in different -directions [like a circle] -shotgun- fire a spread of bullets in front of the gull in that of a shotgun -suppression fire- fire a hailstorm of bullets like a minigun would -goomba stomp- leaps off screen to try and land on your head [not joking]


due to it having a fire rate delay you can just roll through the shotgun and energy ball with no percussions. the missle barrage can be avoided by just walking. to beat suppression fire keep your distance from the gull at all times and when it attempts to spray you down head to the right or left [so the bullets miss you]