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Gatling Gull
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Health: 700
Location: Keep of the Lead Lord
Ammonomicon Entry

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Rapid Fire Raptor
Nesting in the first Chamber, this bird repels intruders with its signature weapon.

Changed by the magic of the Gungeon, it has long forgotten what it was like before the great Bullet struck.

Gatling Gull is a boss found in the Keep of the Lead Lord.


Gatling Gull chases the player, and has several attacks:

  • Rapidly fires bullets in a random spread towards one of the eight cardinal directions the player is located.
  • Rapidly fires bullets in a fixed, wider side-to-side spread towards one of the eight cardinal directions the player is located.
  • Pauses to charge up a large single bullet that explodes into many smaller bullets on impact.
  • Pauses to charge up two wide spreads of bullets.
  • Jumps off screen and lands near the player.
  • Jumps off screen and lands at a random location, after which he will stand still and fire missiles. The locations that the missiles land are indicated by red crosshairs on the ground.
    • Gatling Gull can be forced to abandon this attack and end it early if he takes too much damage during it.
  • If the player gets too close, he will swing his gun as a melee attack.


The key to defeating Gatling Gull is to keep your distance and sidestep. At close range, it's hard to avoid his wide spread of bullets, but at longer range, there is plenty of room to maneuver in between them. If you're close, focus on backing off and only start circling once you've gained some distance. Make sure he doesn't trap you in a corner, since there's no way of getting out without taking a hit or using a blank. Try to resist the temptation to dodge roll; because of the wide spread, you're quite likely to dodge into another bullet.

When he is firing his large bullet that explodes into smaller bullets, take note of where it's going and either get behind cover or try to gain extra distance to safely dodge bullets from two directions at once.

When he is firing the two wide spreads of bullets, try dodge rolling sideways instead of towards the bullets. The timing is a bit harder, but dodge rolling towards Gatling Gull twice will often leave you too close to avoid his follow-up attack.

The eighteen small pillars arena is very large, allowing you to very easily get away from Gatling Gull as his large size prevents him from following you quickly around corners.


  • Gatling Gull has 5 different boss arenas, containing:
    • 4 pillars in the corners of the room
    • 18 small pillars spread evenly across the room (this arena is very large compared to the others)
    • 2 long vertical pits
    • 2 chandeliers and 8 tables
    • 64 bushes and 4 explosive barrels
  • All of the Gatling Gull's arenas have his nest in the middle of the room.
  • The Gatling Gull cannot hit the Decoy and the Explosive Decoy when using the rapidly fires bullets in a random spread towards the player attack.
  • The player can use the Ticket to spawn a friendly Gatling Gull which will remain until it takes enough damage.
  • After the boss has lost enough health, it will get a speed boost.
  • On the first run of a save file, Gatling Gull will always be the boss of floor 1 and appear in the 2 chandeliers and 8 tables room. It is unknown if this applies in the event the player dies and enters the boss room after, or skips the 1st floor boss through Oubliette.



  • This boss is a reference to Vulcan Raven from the Metal Gear series.
    • Both are large, muscular, and wield a Vulcan Cannon.
    • The Gatling Gull's death mimics that of Vulcan Raven, with both being consumed by ravens after their demise.
  • The name of the boss is also a pun on a Gatling gun, which it wields in combat.
  • Gatling Gull is the only boss to have vastly different boss arenas.
  • If Gatling Gull is Jammed, then upon defeating him, his body will dissipate like any other Jammed enemy and a swarm of birds will not appear.
  • In the Enter the Gungeon Pre-Alpha, each boss had a quote. Gatling Gull's was "How Do You Like These Guns".
    • Also in the Pre-Alpha, the first chamber was "Underground Passage" and Gatling Gull was the only boss.
  • In the Enter the Gungeon comic, Gatling Gull appears as a 2nd floor boss.

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