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For the Enter the Gungeon enemy, see Fungun.

Funguns are sentient fungal enemies that appear in Exit the Gungeon. There are currently two different varieties.


XtG Fungun.png
Ammonomicon Entry

File:Ammonomicon Fungun (Exit the Gungeon).png

Pop Caps
The mushroom child. These myconids have adapted to the Gungeon, launching a deadly cloud of bullets in place of spores.

Often seen in the presence of the significantly more dangerous Spogre.

Funguns wander back and forth occasionally pausing to release a cloud of bullet spores that hang in the air for a time, posing a significant area hazard to Gungeoneers.


  • The ammonomicon description of the Fungun still references the Spogre, despite Spogres not appearing in Exit the Gungeon.

Floating Fungun[]

Official Name Unknown
Floating Fungun.png

Please be aware that the name 'Floating Fungun' is not official or canon, and it merely a placeholder as the enemy has no official name at the moment.

Floating Funguns are airborne variants of the regular Fungun adorned with aviator goggles. They slowly drift in the general direction of the player using their large parachute-like caps, occasionally pausing to release a cloud of bullet spores like their grounded kin.


  • Floating Funguns are one of the few enemies in Exit the Gungeon that do not have an Enter the Gungeon counterpart.
  • Despite not appearing in the ammonomicon, the Floating Fungun has an Ammonomicon icon sprite that is currently unused.