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Frifle and the Grey Mauser are NPCs that give the player hunting quests. After killing enough of a certain enemy, Frifle and the Grey Mauser will reward the player with 5 Hegemony Credit.png and a new item or gun unlock.

List of Quests[]

Enemy Amount Unlock
Bullet Kin 200
Blobulon 60
Elephant Gun.png
Elephant Gun
Hollowpoint 40
Unicorn Horn.png
Unicorn Horn
Gunjurer 40
Bundle of Wands.png
Bundle of Wands
Beholster 3
Mimic 3
Mimic Tooth Necklace.png
Mimic Tooth Necklace
Gun Nut 25
Gunknight Helmet.png
Gunknight Helmet
Bullet Shark 35
Compressed Air Tank.png
Compressed Air Tank
Lead Maiden 25
Gunzookie 30
Shambling Round 20
Cat Claw.png
Cat Claw
Shelleton 20
Shroomer 30
Makeshift Cannon.png
Makeshift Cannon
Kill Pillars 3
Dragun 5
Grey Mauser (Gun).png
Grey Mauser
Random enemy Dependent on tracked enemy. 5 Hegemony Credit.png

Hunting Tips[]

General Tips[]

  • Unlock all shortcuts. Many enemies are only found in specific chambers, so shortcuts will cut down the time needed to reach them, allowing you to more effectively farm a floor for the required enemies.
  • If you go for quest completion only, don't bother defeating bosses; instead, use all firepower available to quickly clear rooms in order to cut down the time needed for each quest. (Progress is saved regardless of quitting, restarting, dying, or completing a chamber.)
    • The three shortcut starter items only reset once that chamber's boss has been defeated. If you find a particularly useful or powerful set of starter items, it may be beneficial to simply restart your run before and instead of defeating the boss, allowing you to repeatedly farm a chamber using the same set of starter items on offer from the Resourceful Rat.
  • If you use shortcuts to find specific enemies, use Rainbow Runs to obtain powerful weapons immediately upon starting a floor.
    • Unlike the three shortcut starter guns, items found in the starting Rainbow Chest do reset with each new run even without killing the boss between attempts.
  • If unlocked, speak to Tonic in The Breach to activate Turbo Mode for quicker runs.
    • Combine this with toggling on "Increase Speed Out Of Combat" in the options menu for even more speed.
  • Some Gungeoneers are more effective than others when the goal is specifically to complete hunts via shortcuts:
    • The Marine's innate faster reload speed, starting armor, and active ability to refill ammo makes him all-around very effective.
    • The Convict's starter Sawed-Off and double damage when injured allows for quick room clears and rewards a fast, aggressive playstyle, which is well-suited to hunting runs.

Enemy Specific Tips[]

Enemy Accepted Targets Tips
Bullet Kin Bullet Kin are common all across the Gungeon.
Blobulon Blobulons are common all across the Gungeon.

Note: The following do not count towards the hunting quest:

Hollowpoint Hollowpoints are common all across the Gungeon, but the most are found in the Hollow.
Gunjurer Gunjurers are common all across the Gungeon, but the most are found in the Hollow.
Beholster Either use a shortcut to restart the Gungeon Proper until a Beholster appears, or use the Boss Rush to guarantee encountering a Beholster.
Mimic Shoot every chest you encounter at least once in order to discover every possibly spawned Mimic.

The higher the amount of Curse the player has accumulated, the higher is the chance for chests to turn into Mimic.

Avoid using the Ring of Mimic Friendship.

Playing as The Hunter can help as Dog will bark at mimics.

Pedestal and Wall mimics count.

Gun Nut Gun Nuts can be found all across the Gungeon, but are most plentiful in the Forge.
Bullet Shark The Gungeon Proper has many rooms that can contain up to 6 Bullet Sharks.
Lead Maiden Lead Maidens are most common in the Gungeon Proper, which will usually contain 2-3 Lead Maidens overall.

Fridge Maidens from R&G Dept. do not count.

Gunzookie Gunzookies can be commonly found in Black Powder Mine and the Forge.
Shambling Round Shambling Rounds may be found in the Black Powder Mine.
Shelleton Shelletons are primarily found in the Hollow, which will usually contain 2-3 Shelletons overall.

By keeping an Ammomancer and at least one other enemy in the room alive, up to 3 Shelletons can be summoned per Ammomancer. Using this tactic, many Shelletons can be encountered in one run.

Shroomer Shroomers are most common in the Oubliette and also often found in the Forge.
Kill Pillars Use Boss Rush or the Hollow shortcut.

Note: You need to win 3 encounters with the Kill Pillars, not just kill 3 statues.

Dragun Use Boss Rush or the Forge shortcut.


  • Frifle and the Grey Mauser are a reference to Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.
    • Frifle is a portmanteau of Fafhrd and Rifle.
    • Grey Mauser is also a reference to Mauser, a German arms manufacturer.
  • The official comic explains how both Frifle and Grey Mauser ended up in the Gungeon, and that their original goal was to kill the past due to an accident.
  • How they ended up in the cell appears to differ between the comic and the game: in the game, Frifle says "the cowards had us surrounded", whereas in the comic, it is revealed that they lock themselves in the cell themselves accidentally.
  • Once the Dragun hunt has been completed, Frifle and Grey Mauser will select a random enemy to hunt. This cycle will continue endlessly as the player completes each hunt.