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Freeze Ray
Freeze Ray
Type: Beam
Quality: A Quality Item
Magazine Size: 500
Max Ammo: 500
DPS: 20
Damage: 20/s
Fire Rate: 0.10
Shot Speed: 60
Range: 30
Force: 10
Spread: 0
Class: ICE
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money
Unlock Method: Purchase from Ox and Cadence for 7 Hegemony Credit.
Ammonomicon Entry
Ice To Meet You
Freezes enemies in their tracks.
Meta Info
Item ID: 40
Internal Name: Freeze Ray
Object Name: FreezeRay
Sprite Name: freeze_ray

Freeze Ray is a gun that fires a continuous blue laser that has a chance to freeze enemies.

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Has a similar look and basic abilities as the weapon used by Mr. Freeze in various "Batman" media.
  • This gun's flavor text is a reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger's campy performance as Mr. Freeze from the movie Batman & Robin.
  • The synergy "Willing to Sacrifice" is a reference to the 1977 song Cold As Ice by Foreigner.

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