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Location: Gungeon Proper
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Ammonomicon Fallmonger

Going Down
Seeking further thrills, Gundead who inhabit the Hollow have built a Demon Elevator from the dilapidated Wallmonger.

The construction was expensive and the final form did not meet original design specifications. It was also meant to go up.

The Fallmonger is a boss in Exit the Gungeon. It is the corpse of the Wallmonger from Enter the Gungeon, having been re-purposed into an elevator.

Behavior[ | ]

Throughout the entire boss fight, Spent will appear on top of the Fallmonger at random points, before throwing themselves off. They do not actively seem to target the player, but can complicate other attacks should they fall in inconvenient places or at inconvenient times.

  • Releases several pulsating bullet rings from its mouth, accompanied by a fast spread of three bullets from each eye.
  • Spawns disorganized large bullets around it which move into its mouth, before firing out three fast circular patterns of shots.
  • Fires a rotating stream of bullets from each eye, accompanied periodically by rising walls of bullets from below.
  • Fires a ring of bullets from its mouth, accompanied by several additional random larger bullets.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Fallmonger is the only place that Spent appear in Exit the Gungeon.
  • In early versions of the game, the Fallmonger was known as the 'Deathvator'.
  • In the code, the Fallmonger is referred to as the 'Wallevator'.

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