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Location: Forge / Hollow
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Eyebalrog

Wounded from many battles, the Beholster has taken refuge in the hollow skull of the Cannonbalrog.

Instead of compounding their deadliness, this seems to have roughly averaged the threat they pose to Gungeoneers.

The Eyebalrog is a boss in Exit the Gungeon. It is a combination between the Beholster and Cannonbalrog bosses from Enter the Gungeon, formed by the Beholster taking refuge inside of the Cannonbalrog's skull.

Its attacks bear resemblance to those used by the Beholster and Cannonbalrog.

Behavior[ | ]

  • Rolls around the elevator shaft, releasing a ring of bullets around itself when it makes contact with a wall, or the top/bottom of the screen.
  • Releases a ring of bullets around itself, as well as a measure of large extra projectiles sent in the direction of the player.
  • Spins in place, firing spreads of bullets in the player's direction.
  • Releases multiple rings of bullets from its eye-holes, alternating between each one for every ring.
  • Fires four rotating streams of bullets around itself. These streams travel at varying speeds, and can overlap and pass one another.
  • Releases collections of bullets in random directions from its eye-holes, alternating between them for every burst.

Trivia[ | ]

  • In earlier versions of the game, the Eyebalrog was known instead as the 'Armored Beholster'.
  • The name 'Eyebalrog' is a portmanteau of the words 'eyeball' and 'balrog'.
  • The Drunkard's quote about the Cannonbalrog may have been alluding to this boss.

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