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Eevee was an unused Gungeoneer in Enter the Gungeon prior to the Farewell to Arms update. They were an in-development version of the Paradox that started with no items or guns.

Similarly to how the Paradox would eventually work, Eevee's appearance would randomly switch to that of one of the six main Gungeoneers or their alt sprites upon performing actions such as rolling, flipping tables, or entering a new chamber. However, unlike the Paradox, Eevee did not possess a cloudy, galaxy-style shader over top of their sprites.


Eevee had no story or background, as they were purely an in-development form of the Paradox.


Playing as Eevee during the period of time they were present in the game was very difficult thanks to their complete lack of any and all starting equipment. Upon entering a room without holding a gun, an automatic safety feature would trigger causing a supply drop to drift in from above and drop a random gun from the following list.

Whatever gun the game chose to randomly airdrop in would essentially serve as the character's starter. This could pose serious ammo issues if the chosen weapon was one without infinite ammo such as the 38 Special or Makarov.


  • Eevee was added to the game in the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update, and essentially removed in the Farewell to Arms Update with their full development into the Paradox.
    • Any attempts to play as Eevee post the Farewell to Arms update will result in the player becoming the Paradox.
  • Attempting to take the elevator to Boss Rush with Eevee would softlock the game.
  • Eevee had no nicknames, and as such would be referred to as STRING_NOT_FOUND by NPCs.
  • Eevee’s facecard, bosscard, and map icon were the Hunter’s.
  • Eevee and Lamey are the only Gungeoneers that are referred to by name instead of a title.
  • Eevee required 5 Hegemony Credit.png to restart a run in order to keep playing the character.
  • When Eevee faced to the right, a pink square the size of the current character's sprite bounds appeared around them.
    • This may have been an error, or (more likely) used to debug the random appearance switches.
  • Eevee may be a reference to the Pokémon Eevee, which can evolve into many different forms, hence them changing when certain conditions are met.
  • If The Paradox looks into a mirror, Eevee's sprite will be shown.
  • Even after Eevee's development into the Paradox, many variables, methods, and code still refer to The Paradox by the name 'Eevee'.


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