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The Drunkard is an NPC in The Breach that informs the player about bosses after defeating them and other NPCs after rescuing them.

Quotes[ | ]

Initial dialogue[ | ]

  • "Well, what do we have here? You must be a new arrival. Let me guess. Here to change the past, right? Well, you're not the first. But there's no salvation here. I was like you once, came to change the past. And now I have no future... Heh heh heh heh..."
  • "Well, since you're here... Let me help you out."
  • "Before you go in, you'll probably want to talk with Manny. He's just through this door here. He'll... give you a tour... So, off you go. It is why you came, isn't it? To this accursed temple? Hah hah hah hah...
  • "Oh, have you seen that misguided spirit? ...Ser Manuel. He's stuck in those halls, lost. Sad, really. Hah hah..."

After killing bosses[ | ]

  • Bullet King: "The King has been dethroned... should I call you my liege? Heh heh heh..."
  • Gatling Gull: "Strange, how this place changes, and changes people. That bird was here before the great Bullet struck... He's no one's pet now... Heh heh..."
  • Trigger Twins: "Those two ruffians... the Gundead toughs. Did they put up much of a fight?"
  • Ammoconda: "That great serpent had claimed the lives of many. Another will certainly rise... from the shells of others. But... well done, in the interim... Heh heh heh..."
  • Beholster: "Ah, so you've bested the great eye. Don't get too hopeful, though. There are more and worse monsters yet below. Heh heh heh..."
  • The Gorgun: "...the Gorgun. You've met her. And killed her, it seems. Did she turn your trigger finger to stone?"
  • Cannonbalrog: "...that dust. You've been deep in the mines. Fought the Great Skull, then, have you? Everything in here eventually dies, but the bones remain. I wouldn't think too hard about it, though. ..."
  • Treadnaught: "The Gundead have reclaimed it all... that Tank included. A long time ago, they tried to take this place by force. But enjoy your success. You deserve exactly that... Hah hah..."
  • Mine Flayer: "The planar lord of rings... his hostage bell serves his whims... reluctantly. You mastered his mines? A fine display of caution."
  • High Priest: "...the First of the Order, fallen. ...I must admit, I did not expect to see this day. Heh..."
  • Kill Pillars: "Four ancient statues for four dead bullets. ...and now even their statues have been ground to dust. Tell me... at the end. Did you see her? I can see in your eyes that you did. Know this: she is behind much of this."
  • Wallmonger: "The infernal barricade has fallen. Little stands in your way, now, adventurer... ...but what little remains, even fewer have bested. I wouldn't worry, though. You can always... try again. Heh heh..."
  • High Dragun: "What? You've slain a great beast, deep in the Forge...? ... Could it be true? ... no. You must be lying."

After killing mini-bosses[ | ]

  • Fuselier: "...you encountered some sort of great bomb? Stranger and stranger beasts appear below, these days. The Gungeon grows... volatile. Heh..."
  • Shadow Magician: "That creeping spectre... something familiar about him."
  • Blockner's Ghost: "Looks like Manny bored ol' Blockner into a vengeful spirit."

After killing secret bosses[ | ]

  • Blockner: "Ser Manuel has rejoined us, I see. ...and... his insufferable friend."
  • Door Lord: "A strange beast, that one. Appearing as the door... Did it trick you? Hah hah..."
  • Blobulord: "Oh, so you've bested the great slime lord. It has been quite some time since any ventured into those depths. ...did you find anything else of note, down in the oubliette? Heh heh..."
  • Old King: "...the Dead King. You've ended his reign for good, and now have glimpsed the Forge with your own eyes. Not many can say the same. ...do you feel proud? Heh..."
  • Resourceful Rat: "Did you visit an old friend, deep beneath the mines? That bothersome rat... He took much from you, I see. Did you repay him in kind? ...I must admit, few will shed a tear for him."
  • The Past: "You killed the past, and yet you're present? But, then again, what do I know about time travel? Or maybe you've something else left to do..."
  • Lich: "A lich, beneath the Forge, in a mysterious sixth Chamber... Why return to me, over and over? Why torment me like this? What is there in this place left for you? Please... just leave me."
  • Agunim (R&G Dept.): "That guy in the floor was the old wizard all along? ...Hmph."
  • Advanced Dragun: "What's this? The great Gungeoneer returns triumphant again, and deigns to speak to me? Have you grown tired of everyone else in this forsaken place falling over themselves to help you? Or have you simply grown accustomed to the punishment? How many times now have you changed your past... ...and found yourself missing this place?"

After rescuing NPCs[ | ]

  • Ox and Cadence: "That vexing merchant... A petulant child... Protected by a giant with a heart of lead. Seems fitting for this place."
  • Frifle and the Grey Mauser: "I see that fateful pair has returned. Didn't manage it this time, either, eh? Well, they're no different from the rest, then. Heh heh..."
  • Sorceress: "What's this? A great lady of magic has returned to these halls...? ..."

Miscellaneous[ | ]

  • "I don't know why you're even trying."
  • "Have you heard of the Gungeoneer, Theodore of Ras? He was known for his alacrity, but faltered with the eyes of the galaxy upon him. So beloved was he that he was granted a second chance, a new life with which to challenge the Gungeon. And yet, again he fell... Today, I'm drinking to him. Poor bastard."
  • "Shouldn't you just give up?"
  • "Why not just... stay here and drink?"
  • "What keeps you going like this...?"
  • "You won't be able to change anything. No one can, really."
  • "...do you think the Gun actually exists?"
  • "Hm? What now? I don't feel like chatting. Leave me."
  • "What is it now? You ask too many questions."
  • "Didn't think I'd see you dressed like that again... Maybe I can finally leave?" -Speaking to him as The Gunslinger for the first time.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Drunkard and his manners of speech are a reference to the Crestfallen Warrior from Dark Souls.
  • The story he tells of 'Theodore of Ras' is a reference to Summer Games Done Quick, a speedrunning event where Enter the Gungeon was run among other games for charity. The runner, Teddyras, managed to make it to the Forge on the first run before dying. He was granted a second try, and made it to the Dragun before the boss ended his run.
  • The way he speaks to the Gunslinger implies that he knew him or heard of him before he became the Lich.