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Dr. Wolf's Monster
Dr. Wolf's Monster
Health: 1250
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Dr. Wolf's Monster

Bad Science
Studying ancient texts and third-hand accounts, the Hunter finally discovered the location of the relic. Unfortunately, she didn't know that the Blacksword organization had been following her, and had moved to recover the relic just before she could reach it.

Undeterred, the Hunter infiltrated their headquarters to steal it, and found the relic powering some occult machine. She was confronted and trapped by Dr. Wolfenclaw, who intended to have her cryogenically frozen and then experimented on. The Hunter managed to escape using mysterous technology, but was forced to fight one of Dr. Wolfenclaw's abominations. Displaying the ability of a warrior honed by lifetimes of battle, the hunter prevailed and escaped.

Had she not escaped there, she may have been frozen for millenia.

Dr. Wolf's Monster is the boss of The Hunter's past.

Behavior[ | ]

Dr. Wolf's Monster has several attacks:

  • Fires a random spray of bullets towards the player.
  • Forms a sword made of bullets and swings it around itself.
  • Summons bullets in lightning bolt formations that fly out from the top of the screen.
  • Summons a formation of bullets resembling the German Parteiadler which will then spread out in all directions.

Notes[ | ]

  • During the battle, Dr. Wolfenclaw will behave similar to a Gunsinger. He'll apply buffs to Dr. Wolf's Monster by standing still but will be interrupted if shot at or approached and will run away. He has fairly low health, and can be easily killed while he is running away. He will die once his monster is defeated, but can be killed before that.
    • Unlike any other enemy in the game, Dr. Wolfenclaw will use an NPC-esque invincibility effect during the fight. However, this effect temporarily goes away when he starts buffing.
    • Dr. Wolfenclaw will die after taking damage 4 times, regardless of the damage source.
      • This is despite the fact that he has a base of 52 health

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Doctor and his monster are likely based on enemies from the Wolfenstein franchise.
    • As a mad scientist with a twisted creation, they are likely additionally a reference to Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster.
  • The Monster's core turns red when it takes damage, performs certain attacks, or dies.
  • Dr. Wolf buffing Dr. Wolf's monster is much like Saru and Bananacher from Bomberman 94.

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