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Doug is an NPC added in the Supply Drop Update that can be rescued from a cell in the Gungeon Proper, Abbey of the True Gun or Black Powder Mine. After freeing him, he will occasionally appear in The Breach or The Underbreach in Exit The Gungeon, where he will sell various items and guns for Hegemony Credit that will appear in future runs. A total of 852 Hegemony Credit is required to purchase everything.

The chance that Doug will appear increases depending on how far the player got in the Gungeon before returning to the Breach.

Each time Doug appears, he will have 2 items or guns for sale. He will only restock his shop after both of the previous items and guns have been bought. After buying everything he has for sale, the Gilded Bullets will be unlocked.

Items sold in The Breach[ | ]

Icon Name Quote Type Notes Cost
Devolver Devolver Degenerates Semiautomatic Has a chance to devolve enemies into simpler enemies. 10 Hegemony Credit
Casey Casey Batting 0.50 Charged Damages enemies and reflects bullets when swung. Increases curse by 2. 12 Hegemony Credit
Starpew Starpew Reap And Sow Charged Fires water droplets. Can be charged to increase the number of droplets fired. 20 Hegemony Credit
Dueling Laser Dueling Laser More interesting this way! Charged Fires a large, high-damage laser. Needs to recharge after each shot. 20 Hegemony Credit
Vorpal Gun Vorpal Gun .50 Criticaliber Semiautomatic Has a small chance to fire a critical shot which deals increased damage. 20 Hegemony Credit
Hyper Light Blaster Hyper Light Blaster Skill Honed Sharp Semiautomatic Has very low maximum ammo, but regenerates 1 ammo upon hitting an enemy. 22 Hegemony Credit
Mourning Star Mourning Star Satellite Rain Beam Calls down an orbital laser cannon onto the targeted enemy. 22 Hegemony Credit
Strafe Gun Strafe Gun Bleeding Edge Gameplay Automatic Fires nails that explode. 26 Hegemony Credit
Stone Dome Stone Dome Big Head Mode Automatic Sits on the player's head and rapidly fires homing bullets. While held, inflicts fear on nearby enemies. Increases curse. 26 Hegemony Credit
The Exotic The Exotic Pack of Wolves Semiautomatic Fires a rocket that splits into several smaller homing rockets upon impact. Grants a ghost companion that follows the player and reveals the contents of nearby chests. 26 Hegemony Credit
Big Shotgun Big Shotgun A Shotgun That's Big Semiautomatic Fires a burst of three extremely large exploding projectiles. 26 Hegemony Credit
Combined Rifle Combined Rifle Halve Lives Automatic Reloading alternates between a rapid-fire rifle and a bouncing, piercing energy ball. Enemies killed by the energy ball disintegrate. 26 Hegemony Credit
3rd Party Controller 3rd Party Controller Assuming Direct Control Automatic Upon hitting an enemy, they will move in the same direction the player moves, and shoot towards the crosshair if the player shoots 28 Hegemony Credit
GuNNER GuNNER Backpack Not Included Semiautomatic Taking damage while GuNNER is held drains 40 ammo and drops a skull that heals the player upon pickup. 28 Hegemony Credit
Tetrominator Tetrominator LINE PIECE! Semiautomatic Fires random tetrominoes that stick to enemies. Line pieces explode, dealing more damage the more tetrominoes are stuck to an enemy. 28 Hegemony Credit
Triple Gun Triple Gun Bullet the Stampede Varies Changes form based on how much ammo it has left. 28 Hegemony Credit
Void Core Cannon Void Core Cannon Critical Strike Burst Fires bursts of four large energy balls, which home in on enemies and explode upon impact. 28 Hegemony Credit
Really Special Lute Really Special Lute Purple Prose Automatic Fires a spread of 7 bullets that have a chance to charm enemies. Buffs nearby companions. 28 Hegemony Credit
Kruller Glaive Kruller Glaive Studied the Blade Charged Throws a boomerang-like projectile that homes in on multiple enemies, damaging and sometimes stunning them. 28 Hegemony Credit
Knight's Gun Knight's Gun Plowshare Semiautomatic Fires 5 bullets in an arrow formation. Reloading an empty magazine has a chance to dig up a pickup or specific items from the ground. 28 Hegemony Credit
The Predator The Predator High-tech $#!* Semiautomatic Locks onto enemies and shoots a high-speed laser. 28 Hegemony Credit
Gunderfury Gunderfury Gun of Guncraft Semiautomatic Gains experience with kills and does not lose it between runs. Changes every 10 levels. 28 Hegemony Credit
Icon Name Type Quote Effect Cost
Silver Bullets Silver Bullets Passive Blessed Metal Increases damage against jammed enemies and bosses. 8 Hegemony Credit
Stout Bullets Stout Bullets Passive Up Close And Personal Increases damage at close range. 12 Hegemony Credit
Roll Bomb Roll Bomb Passive Power Charge Drops a bomb upon dodge rolling. 12 Hegemony Credit
Charming Rounds Charming Rounds Passive Made With Love Bullets have a chance to charm enemies. 14 Hegemony Credit
Helix Bullets Helix Bullets Passive Praise Be Doubles fired bullets and makes them move in a helix pattern, but slightly decreases damage. 16 Hegemony Credit
Teleporter Prototype Teleporter Prototype Active Teleport?! Teleports the player to a random room. 22 Hegemony Credit
Flak Bullets Flak Bullets Passive Catch some! Whenever a bullet hits an enemy or wall, it splits into several smaller, lower-damage bullets. 28 Hegemony Credit
Magic Bullets Magic Bullets Passive Sufficiently Advanced Grants all of the player's bullets a small chance to transmogrify enemies into chickens. 18 Hegemony Credit
Vorpal Bullets Vorpal Bullets Passive Through and Through Occasionally fires a special high-damage bullet. 26 Hegemony Credit
Snowballets Snowballets Passive Powder Power Bullets increase in size and damage as they travel. 26 Hegemony Credit
Bumbullets Bumbullets Passive Bumblecore Upon firing, adds a chance to fire a bee, which homes in on and damages enemies. 26 Hegemony Credit
Devolver Rounds Devolver Rounds Passive Two Steps Back Bullets have a chance to devolve enemies into simple enemies. 26 Hegemony Credit
Scouter Scouter Passive Quality Assured Shows enemy health and damage dealt to them. Increases accuracy and damage. Increases curse by 1. 26 Hegemony Credit
Orbital Bullets Orbital Bullets Passive Deadly Revolution Upon missed bullets hitting a wall, an identical bullet will start orbiting the player. 28 Hegemony Credit
Blank Bullets Blank Bullets Passive The Best Defense... Bullets have a chance of triggering a short-range blank when they hit obstacles. Increases curse by 1.5. 28 Hegemony Credit

Trivia[ | ]

  • Doug is an alien resembling a dung beetle and his shop in the breach is a large ball of all the things he's collected for sale.
  • Doug is the only NPC that has unique dialogue only after the player purchases all of his items, remarking on how rich he is and how the player was his best customer. You'd think the other shopkeepers would be a little more grateful yknow?.