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Directional Pad
Directional Pad
Type: Burst
Quality: B Quality Item
Magazine Size: 30
Max Ammo: 120
Reload Time: 1.6
DPS: One Row, no Fireball: 20.7
All Rows, no Fireball: 82.8
One Row, Fireball: 52.6
All Rows, Fireball: 210.3
Damage: Normal: 8
Fireball: 45
Grappling Hook: 10
Fire Rate: 1.0
Sell Creep Price: 30 Money
Introduced in: Supply Drop Indicator
Ammonomicon Entry
Input Output
When this gun runs out of ammo, it is destroyed, creating a chest.

This pad was once used as the summons for an ancient convocation of wizards. It is crusted from years of use, notably Back, Back, Low Punch.

Directional Pad is a gun that fires bullets in four directions. Upon running out of ammo, the gun is destroyed and spawns a chest of any quality.

Entering certain button combinations can cause certain special effects:

  • Pressing down, then right, then fire will cause the gun to fire fireballs that deal 45 damage.
  • Quickly pressing left, then left again, then fire will cause the gun to fire a grappling hook. This is also the move referenced in the Ammonomicon entry.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Wrath Of The Blam - If the player has Tear Jerker, Tear Jerker is replaced with a crying bullet head that can only fire in cardinal directions but deals double damage.
  • The grappling hook can be used to steal items from shops.
  • The chest spawned may be a Mimic.
  • The Backup Gun will effectively double the weapons damage, as it now shoots twice as many bullets per shot in each direction.
  • Should the player use Duct Tape first on the Directional Pad, then on a second gun, the resulting combined gun will no longer be able to shoot grappling hooks or fireballs with the Directional Pad's special inputs. The gun will also not spawn a chest or be removed from the player's inventory if it runs out of ammo.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The inputs required to make the special shots are based on famous special attacks from fighting game series:
    • The Fireball is the "Hadouken" attack performed by character Ryu in Street Fighter.
    • The Grappling Hook is the rope spear attack performed by character Scorpion in Mortal Kombat; this attack is referenced in the entry description.
    • Upon reloading, your character inputs the directional pad part of the Konami Code.
  • The Synergy Wrath of the Blam synergy is a reference to the "Wrath Of The Lamb" DLC for The Binding Of Isaac. The crying bullet head that Tear Jerker turns into resembles Isaac's face.
  • The "ancient convocation of wizards" referenced in the Ammonomicon entry could be a reference to the film "The Wizard," as the Directional pad resembles the Dpad on the NES controller.
  • In Blessed mode you could theoretically get infinite items by using the Directional Pad until it runs out of ammo but it is an extremely long process.

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