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This page is about the NPC. For Enter the Gungeon's Challenge Mode, see; Challenge Mode.

Daisuke is an NPC in Enter the Gungeon, and its spinoff Exit the Gungeon. He resembles an orange-red D20 with arms, legs, and a face.

Enter the Gungeon[ | ]


In Enter the Gungeon, Daisuke will first appear in a cell in the Gungeon after the player has beaten the High Dragun once, or used an Icosahedrax Shrine three times. He can be freed from this cell by obtaining a cell key on the same floor.

Once freed, Daisuke will appear in the Breach (in the same room as the Sorceress, in the top right of the Breach) and allow the player to pay 6Hegemony Credit to enable Challenge Mode. After 30 attempts, this price drops to 1Hegemony Credit.

After Challenge Mode has been beaten once, interacting with Daisuke after paying to enable Challenge Mode will allow the player to activate 'Double Challenge Mode' for even more difficulty.

Dialogue[ | ]

In The Breach
First Meeting:
  • It's you again!
  • If you don't remember, I am Daisuke...
  • ...acolyte of Icosahedrax!
  • May He of the Many Sides smile upon you, [player nickname].
  • Now, onto business...
  • Are you finding your time in the Gungeon a little too... predictable?
  • A little too easy, perhaps?
  • If so, my blessing should add some excitement to your day.

Offering Challenge Mode:

  • Feel like rolling the bones?

If The Player Can't Afford Challenge Mode:

  • Come back with more Hege-money!
  • You need more H-bux!

Activating Challenge Mode:

  • Alright, things might get a little dicey!

Player Declined Challenge Mode:

  • Not feeling lucky, huh?

Talking Normally:

  • My blessing bestows the will of Icosahedrax upon your trials.
  • My god is... a very fickle one.
  • Thanks for not blowing on me, by the way.

Offering Double Challenge Mode:

  • ...would you like a REAL CHALLENGE? Be warned, this has no reward... except immense pride.

Activating Double Challenge Mode:

  • Prepare yourself. I don't like your odds.

Player Declined Double Challenge Mode:

  • Good choice!
In Cell
First Meeting:
  • My name is Daisuke. I am an acolyte of the great Icosahedrax!
  • Look for me in the Breach if you want to add some spice to your Gungeoneering!
  • Later!

Speaking Again:

  • May ever your crits be natural.
  • Good luck!

Speaking to Daisuke in the Breach multiple times after Challenge Mode has already been activated will result in Daisuke stating random numbers. Some numbers have extra dialogue associated with them.

  • 1: "Hahahaha... 1."
  • 13: "13. Bad luck, (character name)."
  • 17-19: The number with an exclamation mark.
  • 20: "20! Wow, that almost never happens!"

Exit the Gungeon[ | ]

XtG Daisuke

In Exit the Gungeon, Daisuke will appear in a cell in the Gungeon in the same way as the other unlockable NPCs, where he must be freed via the purchase of a Rat Key from the Resourceful Rat.

Once freed, Daisuke can appear at random in a room in the Gungeon. Upon meeting the player Daisuke will read their Combo via a device called the 'combomiter'. He will then reward the player with a Chest, the quality of which is determined by the level of the player's combo. Daisuke does not charge for this service.

Combo Level Reward Quality
0 No Reward
1 - 6 C Quality Item
7 - 13 B Quality Item
14 - 19 A Quality Item
20+ 1S Quality Item

Quest[ | ]

After being encountered five times or more in the Gungeon, Daisuke may give a quest to the player. He will explain that he is hungry, and will request that the player fetch him Gunnut Butter and a Pretzel Stick. These items can be carefully snatched out from under Rat-Shaped balloons in Winchester's Original Game and Just Desserts Golf, with Gunnut Butter always being obtained first.

Once these two items have been delivered to Daisuke (they do not need to be delivered on the same run) an item will be unlocked.

Dialogue[ | ]

Spoken To Expecting Butter or Pretzel:
  • You find any Pretzel Sticks or Nut Butter?

Spoken To For A Second Time:

  • Snake eyes.

Reading Combo:

  • My Combomiter is reading your combo at... [combo].

1 - 6 Combo:

  • Mmmm... Not great... but could be worse. Take this.

Shot At:

  • C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

Given Gunnut Butter:

  • Woah organic Gunnut Butter!? Thanks!.. Now I just need a Pretzel Stick.

Exit Specific Notes[ | ]

  • Daisuke is the only NPC in Exit the Gungeon who requests two different items for his personal quest.
  • If Gunnut Butter or Pretzel Stick are collected, a room containing Daisuke will appear at the next possible opportunity to allow the player to deliver the items.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Daisuke is a D20, a twenty-sided die that is commonly used in TTRPGs (Table-Top Role-Playing Games), in particular Dungeons and Dragons. When spoken to in Enter the Gungeon, his responses reference D&D wherein a 1 is a critical failure and a 20 is a critical success.
  • Daisuke's name is a pun on a common Japanese name and the English word 'dice'.