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Curse Shopkeeper

Cursula is an NPC that sets up shops in the Gungeon, where she will sell items and guns. This merchant sells various magic items, charming guns, Blanks, and heart containers. All of her items have a 50% price discount; however, purchasing from her will increase the player's curse by 2.5 per item on top of any curse the items themselves may have. She starts appearing after being saved from a cell in the Oubliette, the Gungeon Proper, the Black Powder Mine or the Abbey Of The True Gun.

Items Sold in the Gungeon[ | ]

Icon Name Quote Type Notes
Charmed Bow Charmed Bow <3-----<<< Charged Has a chance to Charm enemies.
Casey Casey Batting .50 Charged Damages enemies and reflects bullets when swung. Increases curse by 2.
Gunslinger's Ashes Gunslinger's Ashes Spirit, Willing Semiautomatic Releases an armed spirit that attacks enemies.
Huntsman Huntsman Axes Of Evil Semiautomatic Fires a shotgun blast of bullets. Reloading swings the gun, destroying nearby bullets. Increases curse by 1.
Life Orb Life Orb Your Soul is Mine Beam After killing an enemy, reloading damages all enemies in the room.
Pitchfork Pitchfork Get Forked! Semiautomatic Fires fireballs that have a chance to Burn enemies.
Shotgun Full of Love Shotgun Full of Love Kill With Kindness Semiautomatic Has a chance to Charm enemies.
Unicorn Horn Unicorn Horn Fires Friendship Beam Fires a rainbow beam that homes in on enemies. Increases Curse by 1.
Icon Name Type Quote Effect
Badge Badge Passive By The Book Summons a police officer that follows the player, firing bullets at enemies. Can be talked to. Can die after taking too much damage. Damage up after his death.
Big Boy Big Boy Active Set The World On Fire Calls down a missile at the crosshair, causing a large explosion that leaves behind a large pool of poison creep. Increases curse while held.
Blood Brooch Blood Brooch Passive What Music They Make! Adds a small chance to heal upon damaging an enemy. Increases curse while held.
Bracket Key Bracket Key Active `debugkill Deals a large amount of damage to all enemies in a room. Increases Curse.
Charm Horn Charm Horn Active The Call Of Duty Charms enemies around the player upon use.
Cursed Bullets Cursed Bullets Passive Too Spooky Increases damage depending on how much curse the player has. Increases curse by 1.
Disarming Personality Disarming Personality Passive For You? Decreases shop prices.
Elder Blank Elder Blank Active Excommunicate Bullets Activates a blank. Increases curse by 2 when held.
Heart Locket Heart Locket Passive Memento Mori Grants a heart container.
Heart Purse Heart Purse Passive Form Begets Function Grants a heart container.
Holey Grail Holey Grail Passive Withered Vessel Upon taking damage, triggers a full screen Blank effect and refills 50% of the ammo of all the player's guns. Increases curse.
Knife Shield Knife Shield Active Use Again To Launch! Creates a ring of knives around the player that damage enemies and block enemy bullets.
Lament Configurum Lament Configurum Active Shellraiser Upon use, spawns several enemies and has a chance to spawn a gun or item. Increases curse by 1.
Monster Blood Monster Blood Passive Twist To Open Taking damage spawns a pool of poison creep. Grants immunity to poison. Grants a heart container.
Sixth Chamber Sixth Chamber Passive Blessing Of Kaliber Increases Coolness proportional to the amount of Curse the player has. Increases Curse.
Spice Spice Active A tantalizing cube of power. Single use. Increases certain stats upon use, depending on how many times it has been used. Each time a spice cube is used, more spice cubes will spawn in place of items or pickups.
Stuffed Star Stuffed Star Active Protective Plush While active, the player is invincible.
Wax Wings Wax Wings Passive Too Close To The Gun Grants flight.
Yellow Chamber Yellow Chamber Passive "the jammed thing" Grants 2 heart containers. Upon entering a room, there is a chance that an enemy will be charmed for the duration of the room. Increases fire rate by 15%. Increase curse by 2.

Notes[ | ]

  • Stealing from Cursula will only increase curse by 1.
  • Life Orb has half of the weight of any other guns or items, making it appear in Cursula's shop half as often as any other item.