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Location: Bullet Hell
Resourceful Rat's Lair
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Creech

A Shotgun?
The Creech is a demonic parody of the Shotgun Kin. Its false casing conceals a mass of pulsing eyes.

Creeches crawl towards the player, occasionally opening up and releasing high-velocity bouncing bullets in random directions. This makes them especially dangerous in enclosed rooms. On some occasions they spawn with regular Shotgun Kin to fake the player out.

Trivia[ | ]

  • In its attack animation, when the Creech fires its projectiles, its eyes disappear. This implies that its bullets are actually its own eyes.
  • The way the Creech opens its casing to shoot out a cluster of bullets is a possible nod to how real Shotgun Shells work, but instead of containing scatter pellets it instead contains eyes.
  • In the Portuguese translation of the game, they are known as "Monstrarma", a portmanteau of the words "Monstro" (Monster) and "Arma" (Gun).

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