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Coolness is a stat that is increased by having specific items.

Effects of Coolness[edit | edit source]

  • Coolness reduces the cooldown of active items by 5% per point up to a maximum reduction of 50%.
  • The chance for a chest to have a fuse decreases by 2.5% per point in coolness, to a maximum reduction of 10%.
  • Coolness increases the base chance of receiving a chest reward upon clearing a room.
    • The chance starts off at (1+[coolness]-[curse])%, and for every room cleared without getting a reward, it increases by a fixed amount (approximately 9% in a normal single-player run), up to a maximum of 85% on floor 1, or 80% on any other floor. When a reward is dropped after clearing a room it goes back to (1+[coolness]-[curse])%.
  • The chance for Vorpal Gun to fire its critical shot increases with coolness.

Increasing Coolness[edit | edit source]

Items that increase coolness include:

Synergies that increase coolness include:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If the player has Cigarettes and Crisis Stone, they can get infinite coolness by using Cigarettes during Crisis Stone's invulnerability periods.
  • If the player has GuNNER, Cigarettes, and Holey Grail, they can get infinite coolness by using Cigarettes while holding GuNNER and picking up the skull after each use. Incidentally, this also grants the player infinite ammo for all guns.
  • If the player has Cigarettes and Gun Soul, they can get infinite coolness by using Cigarettes until dying, activating Gun Soul and using its revive effect. It should be noted that the player is left at one heart after the fact, making this strategy risky.
  • Although it is easy to make the connection, coolness and curse are not related in any way (unless the player has the Sixth Chamber), nor do they cancel one another out.