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Chests are objects that can contain pickups, items, guns, and more. Chests are always found in treasure rooms, but can also be found upon completing a room, completing one of Winchester's games, or in secret rooms.

Chests can be found locked or unlocked; locked chests need a key to be unlocked, while unlocked chests can be opened for free. Chests found in treasure rooms are always locked, and always contain an item or gun, unless replaced with a Rat Note.

On every floor, one treasure room chest will contain a gun while the other will contain an item. This does not affect drops from destroyed chests, meaning a chest that would normally have an item can drop a gun when destroyed.

Upon entering a room with a chest, there is a random chance that a fuse will appear by the chest. If the chest is not opened within a short period of time, it will explode, leaving behind nothing. Any item or weapon that can spray a liquid (except for oil) can douse the fuse and stop it from exploding.

Mimics[ | ]

Main article: Mimic

Chests can rarely be replaced by Mimics. This chance increases with each point of curse the player gets, and all coloured chests (not including rainbow, synergy, and rat chests) will be replaced by Mimics if the player is holding Mimic Tooth Necklace. A mimic can be spotted by shooting a bullet at it. Upon shooting it, the mimic will attack back. When the mimic is defeated it will drop what would normally be found in a chest and extra loot.

Quality[ | ]

Main article: Quality

The order of chest rarity and quality of items inside, from most common to least common, is:

1. Brown D Quality Item
2. Blue C Quality Item
3. Green B Quality Item
4. Red A Quality Item
5. Black 1S Quality Item
6. Rainbow

Brown chests can contain various pickups in addition to an item or gun.

Specifically, Blue (C Quality Item) chests have a high chance of dropping items, over any other type of collectible.

Quality Frequency[ | ]

Each floor has different chances for different chest qualities, with chances for higher quality chests increasing on later floors. This does not account for magnificence.

There are two different loot tables within the game, the Original loot table (which was the loot table before the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns update) and the Gungeons and Draguns loot table. These can be switched between in The Breach or title screen in the Gameplay menu of the Options menu.

Gungeons and Draguns[ | ]

Floor D Quality Item C Quality Item B Quality Item A Quality Item 1S Quality Item
1 35% 32% 20% 9% 4%
2/Oub 10% 37% 40% 9% 4%
3/Abbey 2% 26% 54% 12.5% 5.5%
4 2% 20% 50% 20% 8%
5 0% 10% 42.5% 35% 12.5%

Classic[ | ]

Floor D Quality Item C Quality Item B Quality Item A Quality Item 1S Quality Item
1 42.5% 35% 15% 5% 2.5%
2/Oub 20% 32.5% 35% 9% 3.5%
3/Abbey 10% 22% 50% 12.5% 5.5%
4 2% 20% 50% 20% 8%
5 0% 10% 42.5% 35% 12.5%

Chest Destruction[ | ]

Chests can be destroyed by shooting them. This will often cause them to drop inferior loot, such as pickups, items, or Junk. They may instead explode, damaging the player if they are too close.

Destruction Tables[ | ]

Payout Weight Notes
0.6 Has a 20% chance to be replaced by Ser Junkan if he has not already been unlocked.

Weight is multiplied by 1.2 if the player has at least one Key.
Final weight is decreased by the final weight of gold junk.

Half Heart
Half Heart
0.2 N/A
An Explosion 0.1 N/A
Gold Junk
Gold Junk

(If Unlocked)

0.005 Weight is multiplied by 3 if the player has Ser Junkan.
Ser Junkan

(If Unlocked)

0.01 N/A
Question Mark

Random Item or Gun with a downgrade in quality

0.1 If this is rolled, a gun/item is spawned with a random downgrade in quality relative to the chest tier.

The chance of a payout is equal to the payout's weight divided by the sum of the weights of all possible payouts.

Notes[ | ]

  • Brother Albern's Truth Chest does not conform to normal Chest Destruction rules. It is incapable of paying out with an Item, a Half Heart, or an Explosion, and its Junk Weight is always set to 1.0. In addition, if it attempts to pay out with Junk, it will instead pay out with Lies, and if it attempts to pay out with a random downgraded Item or Gun, it will instead pay out with what it would have had the chest been opened.
    • The payout weight of Junk and Gold Junk in the Truth Chest are not affected by the player's key count, or whether or not they have Ser Junkan.
  • Due to a bug when checking what to pay out with, the probability of gold junk is subtracted from the probability of a random item/gun and added to the probability of an explosion.
  • When the game attempts to pay out with a half heart upon chest destruction, it will occasionally drop a different pickup. The cause of this is unknown.
  • Broken Revival Chests do not have payout tables, and instead simply revive the dead co-op partner.
  • D Quality Item tier chests cannot get a downgrade in quality, and will thus always drop a D Quality Item item/gun if that is rolled through the Chest Destruction loot table.
  • Enemy and companion bullets cannot break chests, only the player's bullets can.
    • Enemy explosions can still damage the chest, however.
  • Rat Chests cannot be broken.

Special Chests[ | ]

Synergy Chests[ | ]

Synergy Chest

Synergy chests are special chests added in the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update. Upon opening them, they will either turn red or blue and drop a random item or gun with random quality.

  • If blue, they will drop an item or gun that completes a Synergy synergy.
  • If red, they will drop a random item or gun. The dropped item or gun completing a synergy is possible, but not guaranteed.

After freeing Synergrace, Synergy chests will appear randomly in the place of regular chests past the first chamber, and will always have a fuse. They have a roughly 5% chance to replace a normal chest, and one is guaranteed to spawn after defeating Old King unless the player has the classic loot table on. They can also be purchased from Synergrace.

Synergy chests cannot be mimics, even if the player is holding the Mimic Tooth Necklace. Synergy chests can, however, be glitched.

Synergy Rainbow Chests[ | ]

It is possible (but extremely unlikely) that a Synergy Chest may also randomly become a Rainbow Chest. In this eventuality, the chest will look identical to a normal Synergy chest with no identifying markings until such point that it is opened, when it will give eight items that may or may not contribute to synergies depending on the outcome of the Synergy Chest roll.

Rat Chests[ | ]

Rat Chest

Rat chests are special chests in the Resourceful Rat's Lair that can only be opened using keys dropped by the Resourceful Rat during the Punch-Out phase of his fight. Four rat chests always appear in the loot room after the fight, containing Elimentaler, Partially-Eaten Cheese, Resourceful Sack, and Rat Boots in a random order. Collecting all four items transforms the player character into the Resourceful Rat (changes the skin of the character while the 4 items are held).

It is possible for rat chests to be mimics, though not by holding the Mimic Tooth Necklace, which has no effect, other than bringing out a local mimic union member NPC to warn you that there are simply too many chests in the room and they couldn't agree to that deal.

Rat Chests cannot be opened with AKEY-47 or Shelleton Key, but they can be opened with Trusty Lockpicks and Drill.

If the Resourceful Rat is killed with one player dead in co-op, all the chests can be opened without the use of a key. This does not revive the other player.

If any of the four Rat items are obtained prior to defeating the Rat, opening any of the Rat chests will give an A tier item or gun.

If any of the four Rat items have not been unlocked, there is no guaranteed way to know which chest holds a remaining item.

Rainbow Chests[ | ]

Rainbow Chest

Rainbow chests have a 0.0333% chance to replace a regular chest. Chests found upon clearing a room have a 0.001% chance to become a rainbow chest in addition to the normal 0.0333% chance, effectively a 0.0343% chance.

Rainbow chests are never locked. However, they can be locked when they appear as a brown chest.

Rainbow chests contain 8 items and/or guns, which consist of approximately 15% 1S Quality Item, 54% A Quality Item and 31% B Quality Item. They can also transform into synergy chests upon being opened, containing 8 items and/or guns that synergize with items/weapons currently held, similar to an actual synergy chest.

During a Rainbow Run, a rainbow chest appears at the beginning of every chamber, and can contain items of all qualities. However, only one item or gun can be obtained from said chest, the others disappearing after the first is picked up. If a rainbow chest is found organically during a Rainbow Run, players will be able to obtain all eight items.

Notes[ | ]

  • It is possible for the green tutorial chest that normally grants the AK-47 to be a rainbow chest. If this happens, the chest will still only give the AK-47.

Hidden Rainbow Chests[ | ]

Rainbow chests also have a chance to disguise themselves as brown chests, only revealing themselves once opened, broken, or shot with a weapon that leaves water/goop. Hidden Rainbow Chests are only 'unlocked' after the player has broken at least five regular brown chests on the current save file.

Notes[ | ]

  • It is possible for the Brown Chest that Ser Manuel grants in the tutorial in order to give the player the Pea Shooter to be a hidden rainbow chest. In this case, the chest will still only give the Pea Shooter.

Synergy Rainbow Chests[ | ]

It is possible (but extremely unlikely) that a Synergy Chest may also randomly become a Rainbow Chest. In this eventuality, the chest will look identical to a normal Synergy chest with no identifying markings until such point that it is opened, when it will give eight items that may or may not contribute to synergies depending on the outcome of the Synergy Chest roll.

Brother Albern's Truth Chest[ | ]

Truth Chest

Brother Albern's Truth Chest is a special chest that can be found in secret rooms alongside Brother Albern himself. By answering one of Albern's questions, which cannot be answered incorrectly, he will permit you to open the Truth Chest, which contains one to two random pickups, guns or items of random quality. The chest can be destroyed to receive Lies.

The Truth Chest can also be forcibly opened with the AKEY-47, and either destroying it or opening it with the AKEY-47 will cause Albern to exclaim "Betrayal! It can't be true!" before disappearing.

This chest is guaranteed to appear at least once in the Abbey of the True Gun, as there is a guaranteed secret room there that contains Brother Albern.

Notes[ | ]

  • It is possible for the Truth Chest to also be a Rainbow Chest.

Revival Chests[ | ]

Revival Chest

Revival chests appear during co-op when a player dies replacing all unopened chests. If it is opened or broken, the dead player will pop out of it, and other chests in the chamber will revert to normal. Keys are not required to open these chests.

It is recommended to check the chest's quality by looking at the map so that the players don't lose better grade chests for reviving, but instead using lower grade ones to do so.

Revival chests that were originally mimics will simply revive the dead player upon being opened and not attack.

Glitch Chests[ | ]

Glitch fight

Fight screen of the glitch boss after opening the chest and entering the boss room.

Glitch chests have a 0.1% chance to appear, and they can only appear in the Keep of the Lead Lord, Gungeon Proper, and Black Powder Mine after the Beholster has been killed at least once and the player has entered the Gungeon more than 10 times.

Opening a glitched chest instantly takes the player to a glitched version of the next floor that contains nothing but a boss room with two glitched Beholsters. Defeating the bosses rewards the player with normal boss rewards in addition to 7 guns or items* (see notes) and numerous pickups.

Notes[ | ]

  • All of the pedestals dropped after the fight will hold guns normally; unless the player either throws an empty gun and picks it back up, or acquires a new gun on the current floor before the bosses are killed (for example by using Lament Configurum). This is due to how the boss pedestals normally generates rewards: If a player has not yet picked up a gun in a floor, a boss pedestal will have a 100% chance of spawning a gun. Since the floor for Glitched Beholster instantly puts you to the boss room without any chests around, getting 7 guns on the pedestal is the common outcome.
  • Getting killed by any enemy during the glitched boss fight will result in the death screen showing glitched text in place of the name of what killed you.
  • Before the Advanced Gungeons and Draguns update, holding the Mimic Tooth Necklace would turn a glitch chest into a green chest Mimic and render it impossible to reach the glitched floor.
  • If playing co-op and one of the players is dead, the glitch chest will bring the dead player back to life and send the players to the glitched floor.
  • The Tinker can still appear in the elevator shaft on glitched floors.
  • If the player has Mimic Tooth Necklace, upon defeating the bosses, all 8 item pedestals will be mimics.
  • Using Drill on a glitched chest has the same effect as opening it normally.
  • A rainbow chest in a Rainbow Run can be glitched, with no visual distinction from a normal chest.
  • If a glitched chest is opened during a Rainbow Run, Bowler will still take all 7 guns/items from the reward pedestals.
  • If a glitched chest is teleported to the next chamber with Chest Teleporter, it will remain glitched.
  • If a glitched chest is opened in Bullet Hell through modding or through the Chest Teleporter, the player will be softlocked on a neverending loading screen.
  • It is possible for the player to find two different glitched chests in the same run

Union Mimic Chest[ | ]

Googly-eyed mimic

See: Union Mimic Chest

A mimic with googly eyes which can appear in the rat chest room. This is simply triggered by having a Mimic Tooth Necklace, causing the Union Mimic Chest to tell the player there are too many chests and they couldn’t agree to having that many mimics. More info can be seen in the link above.

Bugs[ | ]

Multiple chests in a secret room may result in getting two of the same item by opening them. It is possible for both to drop identical loot. Different items have different effects when doubled. This also works with Mimics.

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