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Charm Horn
Charm Horn
Type: Active
Quality: B Quality Item
Sell Creep Price: 30 Money
Floor Dmg
1 200
Oub 266.66
2 260
Abbey 333.32
3 320
4 370
5/6 420
Ammonomicon Entry
The Call Of Duty
When blown, this horn will call those nearby to aid you.

There are strange inconsistencies in the behavior of the Gundead. Originally thought to be heartless killing machines, they have been known to capture certain invaders for unknown purposes. Furthermore, evidence of a crude religion has been discovered. Perhaps, one day, they could be reasoned with?

Charm Horn is an active item.

Effects[ | ]

  • Upon use, charms enemies around the player for 10 seconds.
  • Can be used to steal items from shops.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Hornucopia - If the player has Banana, the exploding banana will send out five bouncing explosive bananas instead of three, one of which explodes into 4 additional exploding bananas. Additionally, using Charm Horn fires a banana at each enemy it charms.
  • If used on the Misfire Beast's projection, the projection will home in on the beast and instantly kill it.
  • Does not affect bosses.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This item is similar to Boromir's horn in The Lord of the Rings.
  • The tagline is an obvious reference to the popular phrase referring to when people are called to aid the country or comrades. It may also be a reference to the video game Call Of Duty.

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