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If the player collects these four pieces they become the Resourceful Rat, and he will no longer steal from them.


Icon Name Type Quote Quality Effect
Partially-Eaten Cheese.png Partially-Eaten Cheese Active Aged Almost 40 Years A Quality Item.png While active, the player is invincible and instantly kills enemies they come in contact with.
Resourceful Sack.png Resourceful Sack Active Pack Rat's Rat Pack A Quality Item.png Rolling through bullets collects them in the sack. Using the sack empties the sack and fires a piece of explosive cheese for every bullet collected. Grants 3 extra active item slots.
Rat Boots.png Rat Boots Passive Hover Craft C Quality Item.png Grants temporary invulnerability and flight when the player steps over a pit.


Icon Name Quote Quality Type DPS Magazine Size Ammo Capacity Damage Fire Rate Reload Time Shot Speed Range Force Spread Notes
Elimentaler.png Elimentaler Full of Holes 1S Quality Item.png Semiautomatic 29.0 15 Infinity.png Cheese ball: 5.5

Pointy cheese: 8

Cheese wheel: 15

0.22 1.2 23 1000 9 0 Encases enemies in cheese, freezing them. Enemies that die while cheesed spawn a large cheese pool, which cheeses any enemies that step in it.

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