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Icon Name Type Quote Quality Effect
Shelleton Key.png Shelleton Key Passive Locks Are Dead To You 1S Quality Item.png Allows any chest or lock to be opened without using a key. Increases curse by 1 while held.
Master of Unlocking.png Master of Unlocking Passive Play Well, Get Keys B Quality Item.png Adds a chance to get keys upon completing rooms.
Drill.png Drill Active Sawgeant D Quality Item.png If used on a locked chest, forces the player to fight two waves of enemies and unlocks the chest if they survive. If used on a locked door, opens it for free.
Trusty Lockpicks.png Trusty Lockpicks Active Who Needs Keys? D Quality Item.png Has a 50% chance to unlock a lock or locked chest. If it fails, the lock will no longer function.


Icon Name Quote Quality Type DPS Magazine Size Ammo Capacity Damage Fire Rate Reload Time Shot Speed Range Force Spread Notes
AKEY-47.png AKEY-47 Unlocked And Loaded! 1S Quality Item.png Automatic 44.7 30 500 5.5 0.11 0.6 23 Infinity.png 9 4 Opening a locked chest or door with the gun equipped opens it for free. Alternatively, shooting a locked chest or door unlocks it.

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