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Icon Name Type Quote Quality Effect
Briefcase of Cash.png Briefcase of Cash Passive Avarice A Quality Item.png Grants 250 Money.png and 3 Hegemony Credit.png.
Gilded Bullets.png Gilded Bullets Passive The Gun Percent B Quality Item.png Increases damage based on the amount of money the player has.
Coin Crown.png Coin Crown Passive Play Well, Get Money C Quality Item.png Increases the chance to find Money.png shells upon completing rooms.
Loot Bag.png Loot Bag Passive Doesn't Float C Quality Item.png Enemies drop more money, but the player drops money upon taking damage. Selling other items to the Sell Creep grants twice as much money.
Table Tech Money.png Table Tech Money Passive Flip Prosperity D Quality Item.png Flipping a table flips all other tables in the room, and flipping a table has a chance to spawn money.
Gold Junk.png Gold Junk Passive One Man's Trash N/A Grants 500 Money.png on pickup.


Icon Name Quote Quality Type DPS Magazine Size Ammo Capacity Damage Fire Rate Reload Time Shot Speed Range Force Spread Notes
Microtransaction Gun.png Microtransaction Gun Pay To Win A Quality Item.png Semiautomatic 44.4 Equal to Coins held - 2/8/15/20 0.20 N/A Shoots various figurines, books, and gems at the cost of 1 Money.png per shot.

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