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Icon Name Type Quote Quality Effect
Baby Good Shelleton Baby Good Shelleton Passive Grave Lad 1S Quality Item Fires a green laser beam from its two eyes, aiming on enemies.
Owl Owl Passive Hoots And More 1S Quality Item Follows the player, firing bullets at enemies and occasionally using short-ranged blanks.
R2G2 R2G2 Passive Gunmech Robot 1S Quality Item Follows the player, firing bullets at enemies.
Badge Badge Passive By The Book A Quality Item Summons a police officer that follows the player, firing bullets at enemies. Can be talked to. Can die after taking too much damage. Talking to him after he dies increases the player's damage by 20% and curse by 2.
Blank Companion's Ring Blank Companion's Ring Passive He Tries A Quality Item Activates a blank each time an active item is used.
Pig Pig Passive Shifty A Quality Item Upon death, instantly revives the player with full health.
Wingman Wingman Passive Got Your Back A Quality Item Orbits the player, firing rockets at enemies.
Baby Good Mimic Baby Good Mimic Passive Imitation Love B Quality Item If no other familiars are present, follows the player and attacks enemies. If familiars are present, transforms into another one of the player's familiars.
Chicken Flute Chicken Flute Passive Fowl Play B Quality Item Summons a chicken that follows the player and blocks bullets. After taking a certain amount of damage, it summons an army of chickens to attack enemies.
Clown Mask Clown Mask Passive Anonymity Aid B Quality Item Summons a random familiar with a clown mask who either stuns enemies, protects the player with mini blanks, or attacks enemies with a shotgun. An additional familiar is spawned for each additional Payday item the player has.
Space Friend Space Friend Passive A Friend From The Space B Quality Item Follows the player, firing lasers at enemies and blocking enemy bullets.
Super Space Turtle Super Space Turtle Passive Hero From Space B Quality Item Follows the player, firing bullets at enemies.
Wolf Wolf Passive Junior B Quality Item Chases and bites enemies.
Ser Junkan 1 Ser Junkan Passive Next time... who is he? C Quality Item Summons Ser Junkan, who follows the player, attacks enemies, and becomes stronger for each Junk picked up.
Turkey Turkey Passive Triple Tap C Quality Item Recovers 1 ammo after landing three sequential hits.
Turtle Problem Turtle Problem Passive Is This Normal? C Quality Item Clearing a room spawns a turtle companion. Turtles block enemy bullets and die after taking enough damage.
Dog Dog Passive Junior II D Quality Item Follows the player around, occasionally digs up a pickup upon completing a room, and barks at mimic chests.

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