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Type: Charged
Quality: D Quality Item.png
Magazine Size: 1
Max Ammo: Infinity.png
Reload Time: 1.0s
DPS: 50
Damage: 100
Fire Rate: 0.20
Charge Time: 1.0s
Range: 2.5
Force: 120
Class: SILLY
Sell Creep Price: 16 Money.png
Unlock Method: Purchase from Doug for 12 Hegemony Credit.png.
Introduced in: Supply Drop Indicator.png
Ammonomicon Entry
Batting .50
A standard baseball bat, modified to hit bullets instead of balls. Launches enemy projectiles back with a vengeance!

Nothing can happen until you swing the bat.

Casey is a melee weapon that increases curse by 2. Swinging the bat after a long charge-up will damage nearby enemies and reflect nearby bullets. The bodies of enemies killed by the bat's tip will be launched and can damage other enemies: the damage dealt by launched bodies is equal to double the launched enemy's max health.


  • Synergy.png Careful Iteration - If the player has Armor of Thorns, Shotgun Full of Hate, Nail Gun, or Eyepatch, Casey becomes spiked and fires a spread of 6 nails each time it is swung. When an enemy is hit with Casey, they will become dark red and take damage over time.
    • This also changes the sound effect of "readying" Casey. This change also seems to be affected by Scattershot causing the new sound effect to multiply.
  • Casey's charged swing launches you forward a bit. Be vigilant as this can and will knock you into a pit.
  • Casey's charged swing actually fires an invisible short-ranged projectile. This projectile can be made visible with modifiers such as Cursed Bullets, and can even be spawned by certain items, such as Hip Holster or Orbital Bullets.
    • Casey bullets spawned this way do not reflect enemy bullets, however.
  • Reflected bullets are affected by the player's bullet modifiers - Homing Bullets will give deflected bullets a chance to home in on enemies, Shock Rounds will cause deflected bullets to become electrified, and so on.
    • Ghost Bullets are an exception to this, as reflected bullets do not pierce through enemies.
  • If combined with Flak Bullets, Casey will shoot three high damage pellets, making Casey more functional as a long range weapon. These bullets also retain Casey's "launch upon death" property.
  • Casey can deflect the High Dragun's rocket attack, but the deflected rocket will not deal damage.
  • Most explosive enemies killed with Casey will have their explosion delayed to prevent unnecessary damage taken.
    • This doesn't apply to things like explosive barrels or Challenge Mode's "Explosive Pyre" modifier.
  • The Laser Sight will not appear when holding Casey.
  • The swing from the bat can reflect the bullet portals summoned by Killithid.
  • If the Bullet King or Old King’s Chancellor is launched into a boss, the Chancellor’s body will deal a large amount of damage to the boss it hits, killing both Bullet King and Old King in one hit.
    • This does not work if the chancellor is jammed.
  • If Casey reflects a Spirat while the enemy is in projectile form, it will teleport back towards the direction of the player at an elevated velocity equal to the speed it was reflected.

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  • This weapon is a reference to the poem Casey at the Bat, written in 1888 by Ernest Thayer.
  • This weapon is also a reference to the Casey Bat from Earthbound, also named after the poem.
  • The quote "Nothing can happen until you swing the bat." is from FLCL.
  • The tagline “Batting .50” is a reference to .50 caliber bullets and Batting Average in baseball (a theoretical 0.500 being impossibly good).
  • The top half of the bat is a shotgun shell casing, making its name a pun.
  • The fact that the weapon increases curse while being carried stems from the Gungeon rejecting melee weapons.
  • This gun is among those Gunsling King and Manservantes can challenge the player to clear a room with.
  • Usually, opening a chest containing Casey causes it to appear on the right side of the chest, instead of the center.
  • Whenever the player finishes a round with a super punch in the Resourceful Rat's Punch-Out!! phase, he will swing Casey at the player. Even if the player has Casey, The Rat will still use it and the player will be unable to.


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